Sunday, September 30, 2007

mma-070929 caps

their 2nd to last ep! JUNTOSHI i like these pair!
but i wanna see sakurai on just one ep before they end the show
ohmiya sk will be the last pairing..
uwaa! cant wait! i missed their pairing!
hehehe.. am gonna watch it for sure
*what bakaness are they gonna do for their last ep?*

caps credit to: RION

uwee... cha-han again!! ahahaha he really wont give up w/ his cha-han!
i remembered what he said on bangohan ep 120..
he wont give up cooking cha-han until he wins


*kampai* drink w/ me!!
(it should be rock w/ me) LMAO



i love this cap.. he was so serious of being mago
gambate ne riida!!


how sweet!! *fangirl mode*
aiba! do the same thing to me! ahahaha LMAO


again,, the caps are credit to RION

GRA caps

i think their new show would be fun!! >_<
looking forward of it!

caps credit to: ayume_matsumoto@LJ

GRA dozou!~



shocked?! 0_o


say aaahhhh~~~


umai?! ahaha


jun's eating with poise!


i think sho was going "eehhh??!!!" here! ahahahaha


go aiba! you're the host of the show! do good ne?!


uwaaa!! now am excited to see the 1st ep!!
look at ohmiya SK's reaction!!
aawww!! nino's so cute!
riida's smile made my night! >_<

Saturday, September 29, 2007

say bye bye to HIS perm

the rumor bwt aiba's perm is gone.. is TRUE!!!
i read it on Jen's blog
she mentioned that aiba's hair is now straight

people dont believe in things unless they saw it hehehe
ja, here's a cap of him on TSD

straight hair YAY!!

pic credit to: RION


ja neh MMA

is it a game show?

i heard that they are changing MMA to GRA(Golden Rush Arashi)
aiba's gonna be the host!
i think their new show would be fun

am surely gonna miss MMA
their bangohan!!
am learning new recipes on that show

their last ep was JUNTOSHI i think
uwaa!! they ended up MMA w/o even
just 1 ep of nino and sho on the show!!!
aaaayyyggguuuu!!! why is that?

oh well, that's how the world of entertainment goes..
some people or show just come and go
its up to the fans to adjust

am confident to say that GRA would be fun fun fun >__<

pic credit to: RION


Thursday, September 27, 2007

still dancing? its late!!!

its late at night and they are still shooting utaban
and not just shooting.. they were asked to do some dance steps

asked to do their debut dance which is A-RA-SHI and Love So Sweet

at first they have no energy.. i mean duh?! what time was it btw? ahahaha
but during the 2nd round, they were all *you are my soul, soul* with all the energy

ahahaha!! the energy is chuu high!!
it was like they were on a concert or something


on LSS jun was on the center! uwaa!! but still i cant my eyes off of aiba!!!
to aiba: "you're just 2 good to be true, cant take my eyes off of you!" ahahah LMAO


now they're done,, *go home and take some nap!* poor arashi ahahah ^^

do u like nerdy boys??

do you like nerdy boys?
w/ big glasses and such a book worm?

ahahaha! what if those nerdy boys are arashi?
are you gonna date them or not?

crap! seeing them w/ those big glasses makes me wanna crash mine *mine's not big though*
ahahaha... they are so cute!!!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

aiba's butai pamphlet

is it his butai pamphlet?
ahaha baka me, posting an entry and not sure bout it

yay!!! aiba!!
i missed him!
i heard that his perm hair is now straight!

hhhmmm when i heard bout him getting perm
i said "but, he looks better w/ straight hair!"

and now, its back to straight
im sure gonna miss his perm hair!
the hair that reminds me of my puppy! so fluffy

newei, not sure if these is from his new butai

aiba embracing the girl!!! lucky her!

awww aiba!! i wanna see that butai!!!


here's a pamphlet short clip of aiba

he's looking hot!!

Friday, September 21, 2007


yay! minna hisashiburri!!! ahehehe our PC is ok now.. yatta!!!

newei, here's some scaned pix of arashi during jun's bday

what was the 4's gift for jun's 24th bday?

find it out! hehehe

scans credit to: winkychan@LJ

just click to resize it




here's a fancam of yabai3x of matsujun
vid credit to: tess-chan