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Jerry Yan signs w/ JE to become Kimura's junior colleague

gosh! i just read this from JAPINOY... shet... jerry yan on JE and Kimura's junior colleague!!!

QUOTED from Japinoy: ""After F4 loosened their grouping, Jerry Yan set up his own faction, and opened a talent management company. In order to develop his Japanese market, he secretly signed with SMAP's agent Johnny and Associates to act as his new manager, thus becoming Kimura's junior colleague.

Two years ago, after his contract with Fu Long has expired, Jerry has formed his own management company "Star Jerry" to personally handle his advertisement contracts and other projects. However, the venture seemed not very ideal as halfway through, he had already changed to 10 managers. The latest news is that Jerry would copy his "great senior colleague" Takeshi Kaneshiro, and sign a contract with a Japanese management agency. His new management back-up is SMAP's agency Johnny and Associates. To handle Jerry's career is SMAP's manager Miss Fan Dao Sanzhi, the Senior Talent agent in charge of J Dream company, a subsidiary of Johnny Entertainment.

According to reports, when F4 went to Japan last March and guested in SMAP X SMAP, Jerry went missing for 4 hours after finishing their taping. He stayed inside the TV station and secretly met with Fan Dao Sanzhi to talk about collaboration arrangements. When Jerry returned to Taiwan, he vigorously studied Japanese and soon after he flew off again to Japan to photoshoot his new portfolio promo photos. Along the way, he met with Fan Dao Sanzhi again and voth parties finalized their joint cooperation. Johnny and Associates contract artist "Senior" Kimura had always been Jerry's idol. As both of them are well-known handsome guys in both Taiwan and Japan, it can turn him to be Kimura's junior colleague, that really excites Jerry!""







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i downladed this fan cam from winkychan

yay!! arigatou!! thank you for sharing arashi rabu rabu!


Namida no Nagareboshi

sora wo mite goran hoshi ga mieru darou
tada soko de utsukushiku kagayaiteiru dake sa
hoshi ni kiite goran kimi ni kikoeru kai?
tada soko de sasayaka ni matataiteiru dake sa
nagareboshi nagarete kimi no namida wo nugutte onegai
tada koko de odayaka ni hohoendeite hoshii
sora wo mite goran yoru ga akeru darou
ima koko de atarshii hibi ga hajimatte yuku
hi no hikari abiteru kimi no egao wo mamotte agetai
ima koko de utsukushiku kagayaiteiru kimi to
itsumademo te wo toriatte
aruki tsuzukete ikou

Teardrop Shooting Star

Look at the sky, you can see a star
It's just simply there, beautifully shining
Listen to the stars, can you hear them?
They're just simply there, softly twinkling
I wish upon a shooting star that you will wipe your tears
I just want you to be here, smiling gently
Look at the sky, the day breaks
Right here, right now, a new day is beginning
I want to protect that smile of yours, which is bathed in the sun's light
Right here, right now, I want to
hold hands and keep on walking
with the beautiful, radiant you.

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WIFE preferences

credits:, Tiramisuu

Popolo Feb 07 - Matsumoto Jun
"I want to marry someone who has strong immunity due to good health!"
The Matsumoto with the slightly dangerously sexy atmosphere floating about him. Although he is youngest among
Arashi, he talked about his super private ideals for a marriage partner.

- I want to keenly sense the conditions surrounding me.
For me an essential thing is "it feels good to be with you". Since that's something I judge with my own senses,
it's not something I can tangibly define. However, at any rate, if there isn't something that tugs at my antenna,
then it's impossible for there to be anything further ne.
"Able to see people's actions" is also extremely important. For example, when eating dinner with a large group,
there are people who don't pay any attention to those around right? Someone who can't seem to take the slightest care for their surroundings, that's definitely impossible for me ne. I dislike the so-called thickheaded people. Things like the changing seasons, a solitary flower blooming in the concrete...the people who can unmissably catch those kind of things are good. And I think people who can express the feelings they're embracing at that moment in various words are fascinating. Although it's also good to express it exactly the way you feel it, being able to express it well with delicate nuances, people who have a beautiful method of that expression are superb. On top of that, a rich vocab ulary is necessary. For the sake of that it's necessary to read books, to know the arts ne.
Although from this way of speaking you would think I like smart, perfect people, it is necessary after all for
people to have 'minus' elements. It's for that reason that I put in the "there are bad parts of your personality"
item. Since the ones who have [This is kind of diffcult huh~] type parts, in terms of people, are the ones who
seem interesting (laughs). Nevertheless, the conditions I have raised this time are super high level, if I do say so myself. If there happens to be someone who fulfills all of them, I would by all means like you to introduce yourself ne (laughs).

"If you were to marry me, there would be these privileges!"
1. Your friends would increase
Because I would introduce you to my friends, inevitably your friends would increase. Because if my friends became my wife's friends then we could all have fun together ne. Rather than go have fun on my own, I'd rather go
2. Your amiability will get better
If your friends increase, then your "opportunities to talk with various people will increase" for sure. Consequently,
without a doubt your personality will become on with good amiability. Surely you would be able to become a person like me, who treasures the time spent with friends (laughs).
3. You'd get better at quarrels
I'm the type where "if you say that, I'll say this". Therefore, if you were to live with me at some point you would
be able to train, you would surely become fairly eloquent. Then we could even have a quarreling contest about once a week? (laughs)
4. You would be able to eat delicious things
After marriage as well, sometimes I'd take you out to eat delicious things. Since I have many friends I believe
I know a few good restaurants. Going to a superb restaurant for our anniversary would be too ne.
5. You might be able to go on a space trip?!
Because, I myself have an interest in going on a trip to space, I think I want to go there someday ne. But the travel expenses are probably extreme huh~. If the two of us went it seems like it would be an enormous expense.... If possible I'd like a sponsor ne (painful laugh).

Dear Stars! 2006
Full of love from Popolo
Challenging himself to be positive
In May, while there were ongoing performances of his play "Night of the Valkyries", Matsumoto-san talked about how much trouble it was for body and mind as well. But when we asked him, "If you were to perform it again?", "I'd definitely want to do it" was his immediate reply. That's the Matsumoto-san who's continuing to constantly challenge himself to be positive. The anticipation is also great for his new drama "Hana yori Dango 2 (returns)"!!

Matusmoto Jun (Matsumoto Jun) born August 30th, 1983, in the Tokyo metro. area. Type A. Starring in the drama
[Hana yori Dango 2 (returns)] (TBS, 9pm Friday nights), starting the 5th of January, 2007.

The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:
1. The feeling of being with you is good.
2. Able to properly see people's actions.
3. Rich expression of sensitivity.
4. Your five senses are sharp.
5. Like cooking.
6. Living with you is good.
7. Can be thrifty.
8. Diligent personality.
9. You like yourself.
10. You have hobbies.
11. You like the arts.
12. You read books.
13. You like kids.
14. Quick-witted.
15. Active.
16. Vibrant curiosity.
17. There are bad parts of your personality.
18. Pretty without make-up.
19. You like spontaneity.
20. Strong immunity due to good health.

Popolo Feb 07 - Aiba chan

"When we get married lets go camping"
There isn’t anything particular when you ask what factors I look for with marriage. I see marriage at the top of the list when it comes to love. I think it would be good if you could do housework. I put cooking and cleaning on my checklist but even so, I don’t expect a high level. Even if you cant do it at the beginning, there are those who improve with practice.
I think it is really important, whether it a girlfriend or wife, that we can have a really fun time together. So, id possible it would be nice if you coud join me in my games. If you could play golf, go camping and come drinking with me then it would definitely appeal to me. It doesn’t matter if you cant drink. As long as you want to come and have a fun time that’s fine. For that reason I said I liked someone who likes a challenge. To me, someone who has ‘good balance over everything’ is really important. I don’t really like people who are like ‘ I can only do this’ or ‘ I only like this’.
I don’t have a great walk and I drag my feet across the floor so my eyes, I think, would naturally look at a girl who had a really nice walk. Also, I don’t like people who have nails that are too long. I think nail art is okbut I don’t think its good if you cant open a can of juice cos of your nails. Also, I have many DVDS of anime at home so I would like someone who would understand them. You wont have to watch them with me but I would like you to not take the piss out of me and just watch over me (laughs).

Advantages if you marry Aiba chan
1. Can go to zoo’s with a free pass
Because I go to many zoos for work, I will take you around the entire world. When I say free pass, I was exaggerating. Im not that famous yet so I will have to secretly bribe them (laughs).
2. I will do BBQ’s for you
When we do BBQ’s at camp, I will make a fire for you. And I will cook and serve all the meat and vegetables for you. But, if you can I would prefer if you put up the tent (laughs).
3. I will play with you LOADS!
I am confident that I can raise any atmosphere. Even if we are alone, I will keep you entertained as if we were with loads of people. It might be quite fun if we went to a bar , just the two of us (laughs).
4. I will buy you gifts
Cos I go to loads of different places for work, I will always bring you something back. For example yummy foods from that place and I will buy you t-shirts that match with the other arashi members (laughs).
5. I will do anything for you
I want to do anything I can for you. I would like to be able to do anything my wife wants. For example, if my wife wants me to wake her up in the morning, I’m not great in the mornings but I will try my best.

The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:
1. Cleaning is your specialty.
2. You can be considerate.
3. You're strong in quarrels.
4. You won't put all your influence on one thing.
5. You can play golf.
6. We have the same values.
7. You have a spirit for challenges.
8. You don't have likes and dislikes for food.
9. You can cook.
10. You don't decorate yourself.
11. Sometimes you decorate yourself. (...uhhh...^^;)
12. The way you walk is pretty,
13. You can drink sake.
14. Your nails are short.
15. You can go camping.
16. You have a lot of friends.
17. You have a good balance no matter what you're involved with.
18. You like anime.
19. You like movie masterpieces.
20. You're tough.

Popolo Feb 07- Ninomiya Kazunari's checklist

1. You are a girl.
2. You're older than 16.
3. You can speak Japanese.
4. You have a job.
5. You won't say things like [Are you working?]
6. You won't complain if I open the house up.
7. You're able to live together in the heart of the city.
8. You won't coerce me into having a multi-generation household.
9. Great generosity.
10. You'll let me play my games.
11. You hate travelling.
12. You have hobbies and special skills.
13. You aren't too shy.
14. You won't grasp my schedule. (Like, memorize or manage it?)
15. You'll understand my laughing points.
16. You don't have too many friends.
17. You don't have dresses.
18. You have 'lucky underwear'.
19. You could fall in love with me.
20. You like me.

Popolo Feb 07 - Ohno Satoshi

"If it was someone like me, I think we could live comfortably."
If I were to marry, I'd want to marry someone who is like me. So when I realized, all of the points for marriage I gave are all things that are like me. (Laugh) If we're going to be living together, it'd definately be easier! First off, if our interests are similar, we can enjoy the same things, and if they make things like I do, they could work with me.
Even if they don't have interest in making things, if they like it or have similar observations about art, then I think they would be able to understand my creations. So, if they have similar interests, then they definately would like surreal art. We would have a free way of thinking, and we'd laugh at the same things, therefore our sense of values would also be similar. You see, all of it is connected.
The things concerning our house don't need to be so prideful. Even though I said "Able to Cook" as one of the points, I mostly think that anything is delicious, so they could cook almost anything. On the other hand, I think someone who's cooking was really fancy gourme would be worse. If it's not someone that can enjoy just cucumber and beer, I don't think I want to drink with them. (Laugh)
"Good Spirited"(1) doesn't mean doing everything really specifically, but just "going with the flow" of that time. Someone who doesn't decide where we'll stay, just where we're going, and can enjoy the trip is best. But in regards to life, they should be able to plan. It would be nice if we could both work towards our future goals and visions together.

*(1)In Japanese "nori ga ii". It's hard to translate into English for me (although I know the meaning... lol) but if you know Japanese there you go.

"If you married me, you would get these priveledges!"
1. We can live comfortably
Some people always want their wife to have makeup on while at the house, but I have no problems with her not wearing it. There's no reason to decorate herself, she could just be how she is and then I think we could feel easygoing.
2. I would treasure our time together
Now I go to my friend's house or go out drinking a lot, but if I married I would not do that so much. For the most part on my days off I would try to be at the house, so there should be lots of time for just the two of us.
3. I will wash things
Ever since I was little I would help my mom do the dishes to make her happy. So I can't clean my room, but I'm proud of washing things. If I married, as long as she cleaned up the dishes, I would wash them.
4. I will also clean the bath
Other than washing things, another chore I can do is cleaning the bathtub. So I would also do this. Even if it's small things, I'd like to help out and make my wife happy.
5. I'll give her handmade presents
On birthdays or anniversaries, I will handmake things full of love. For instance, I would also make the engagement ring and marriage ring. For the person I love, I want to give her a one of a kind, original one.

The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:
1. Our conversations match.
2. Our hobbies match.
3. You can cook.
4. You're kind.
5. You're not fussy about food.
6. Your walking speed is the same as mine.
7. Our values match.
8. You can drink sake.
9. You have some slightly silly parts.
10. You have the same laughing points as me.
11. You can be free in your expression.
12. You won't be concerned with clothing.
13. You can fish.
14. You can judge the fish you've caught.
15. You're not too detailed about money.
16. You like surreal art.
17. You have dreams.
18. You're harmonious.
19. You have feelings of being thankful.
20. You can get along with my parents.

Popolo Feb 07- Sho

"I wouldn’t be able to marry a girl without manners"
I think the main point would have to be someone who has the same values as me. I think it would really depend on this, and I wouldn’t be able to start a family with someone who has different values to me. I mean we would have trouble with finding conversation. I mean it would be awful if you said ‘ This really funny thing happened to me today…’ and the other person didn’t find it at all funny (laughs).
Also I would like someone who gets along with family. Someone who takes care of and gets along with people from current family would probably trasue the family they make with me. Also someone who has no manners is not good. A girl who suddenly spoke to one of my senpais in slang would be……..i need someone who understands that relationship.
Also if I could drink with you it would be nice. Even if you cant drink, someone who has the same energy as me would be fine. Even if you can take your alcohol, its fine. I have confidence that I wont loose (laughs). Also someone who has lots of sociable friends would be a plus. I like someone who is likes by colleagues, but I don’t mind if you have a lot of guy friends too. Because I would trust you…..which is kinda of a lie (laughs)…but I really I don’t mind if you had a lot of guy friends. Because someone who has is probably someone who had appeal as a human. I think it is impotant we can enjoy the same sort of atmosphere. Then we could collaborate with each others friends. If possible it would be nice to listen to ‘Fight Song’ and arouse the atmosphere! (laughs).

Advantages if you marry Sho:

1. I will take you on holiday
at the Sakurai household, every summer we used to go on holiday so when I get married I wanna go on family holidays often. Whether that is within japan or international, if you tell me where you wanna go I will take you there.
2. I will take videos
If we go on holiday, we would have to keep our memories on video right. I will take the video for you. Even on holiday with friends, I an always filming(laughs). If I take the video I will also edit it.
3. I will look good when I eat
I am one of those people who eats a lot. People tell me my reaction to good food is really good. Im sure when I eat my wife's meals I will eat it with a look of happiness.
4. I will do celebrations properly
I will make sure we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries every year. Sometimes on MMA filmings, we meet granddads who haven't ever celebrated their wifes birthday, but I am going to give presents every year.
5. I will try and drive you around as much as possible
When we are on holiday, it would be nice if we could swap driving, which is why I put ‘has a license’ on my checklist. But I will try and drive as much as possible. I will try and pick you up and drive you places as much as possible.

The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:
1. Cooking is your specialty.
2. You can divide up the garbage. (Between burnable and unburnable, recyclable, etc....^^;)
3. We have the same values.
4. You get along well with your family.
5. You know etiquette.
6. You're able to treat feelings of thanks preciously.
7. You have a wide outlook.
8. You can drink sake.
9. You're sociable.
10. You like congeniality.
11. Our harmony matches.
12. You treat work importantly.
13. You have a driver's license.
14. You have points that you won't compromise on.
15. You like music.
16. You like children.
17. Your smile is cute.
18. You're positive.
19. You still use the bathtub even in the summer.
20. You can stop fights.

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Myojo- aug- 07

lying on grass!!! the grass look so green!! i like it! hehehe ^__^
lucky grass!! ahahaha *baka me*








Oh-chan.. what do you have inside your hand??

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nino's random pics

because it's nino's bday today! hehehe.. just want to share some random pix of him!






this what happens to me when im bored at home and nothing to do. i write stuffs that are nonsense! ahaha! leave some comments if you like!... YOROSHIKU

A-ra-shi! A-ra-shi! For dream! Yosha! Their very first single! I’ve been one of their millions of fan girls for almost a year now. Honestly it had never crossed my mind that I will be an Asian- Japanese – JE- Arashi. This idols that im talking about are composed of 5 talented persons. Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho. Their songs made me want to learn their language. Always listening to their song when ever im feeling blue. Thanks to those uplifting faith songs even though I can understand their language. Just by listening to their voice, hearing the beat of the song, it feels like they are trying to comfort us fan girls in the world that is full of mystery.

As a fan girl I know my limits. I know that too much fandom leads to selfishness. I don’t want to be like that. Because first and foremost I don’t even know the real them when they are off cam. I don’t own them. Actually nobody owns them. They are an idol! And we, as fans are just fans, as easy as that.

I do have my favorite member. His name is Aiba Masaki. For me, Aiba wouldn’t be Aiba if not because of Arashi. Most people call him the “TENSAI BAKA”. But as for me, I can see that Aiba is more then that “name”. He is amazing, wonderful, heart breaking, cute, dazzling, killer-smart (?).. hehehe... a bit baka sometimes! Aiba is like an rare rainbow if rainbows were few. He has this colorful aura that is always with him! Our genki boy! He got these tantalizing eyes that made me wonder that there must something with in him. He is just so amazing that I feel like I can’t resist his charm whenever he smiles. He always believes in his self. That is what I like in him! He is never scared of expressing on what is on his mind. He have this guts that is always with him every where. You GO Aiba! You are one of a kind.

double celebration this day

now is nino's bday! nothing much. im planning to celebrate it w/ ny onechan even though she is an arashi fan girl. hehe.. she's cool w/ just hoping that niisan will be going out so i can be "free" celebrating his bday! ahaha.. i think i wanna buy a cake for him.. hehe..

tanjoubi omedetou nino!! mou otto na!!.. hehehe

happy fathers' day dad!! love you! im sorry for being such a childish person at this age! im trying my best to do good at school! hehe.. i missed you dad!! i havent seen you since last christmas break.. but its good to hear your voice every night you're calling us!.. wahaha! take care of your health! and also to mom!.. i love both of you!



Lyrics and translation: credit to nyanchan

Kurayami ni furueteiru
kimi no koe kikoeta yo
mienai kienai toki no naka de
nanika sagishiteta

doushite nozonda mono
miesou de mienakute
baito kaeri kimi to futari
machiawaseta yoru

jidensha no ushiro ni
kimi no taion nosete
akegata ni kakeru seijaku no michi wo
makeru ikusa wa shinai yo
kirakira futari dake no
asa to iu

ryou te takaku agete
kono hoshi wo sasaete utatta bokura
ten ni todoke maiagare
Oh Yeah (oh yeah) mou ichido

ano hi ni modoru to shitemo
onaji michi erabu darou
hitotsu ni nare maiagare
Oh yeah (oh yeah) chikazuiteiru

asayake no koutei ni umeta
kimi e no tegami
hitotsu mae no eki de orite
koeta hodoukyou

nanigenai omoide to
itami no kazu narabetatte
tooi ano hi kimi to futari
yakusoku shita asa

itsukara ka shounen wa
namida no wake wo shiri
kokoro de naite kao wo aratta
saitei aruite ikunda
gozen kuji machi kara futari nosete

ryou te takaku agete
kono hoshi wo sasaete utatta bokura
ten ni todoke maiagare
Oh Yeah (oh yeah) mou ichido

ano hi ni modoru to shitemo
onaji michi erabu darou
hitotsu ni nare maiagare
Oh yeah (oh yeah) chikazuiteiru

jidensha no ushiro ni
kimi no taion nosete
akegata ni kakeru seijaku no michi wo
makeru ikusa wa shinai yo
kirakira futari dake no
asa to iu

ryou te takaku agete
kono hoshi wo sasaete utatta bokura
ten ni todoke maiagare
Oh Yeah (oh yeah) mou ichido

ano hi ni modoru to shitemo
onaji michi erabu darou
hitotsu ni nare maiagare
Oh yeah (oh yeah) chikazuiteiru

woah woah woah (repeat)


Shaking in the dark
I heard your voice
in an unseeing, unending time
I was searching for something

why is it the things you've wished for
seem like they should be visible but aren't
coming home from work, the night
the two of us were to meet up

on the back of the bike,
leaning into your body heat
I won't fight a losing battle against
the silent path we race along at dawn
sparkling, we say it's a morning
just for the two of us

holding both hands high
we sang holding up these stars
reach for the heavens, fly high
Oh yeah (oh yeah) one more time

even if we were to go back to that day
we'd probably choose the same path
let's become one, fly high
Oh yeah (oh yeah) getting closer

buried in the morning glow's schoolyard
a letter for you
get off one station ahead
past the pedestrian bridge

lining up the number of casual
memories and pains
the morning of that distant
day when the two of us made a promise

after some point boys know
the reasons for tears
in my heart I washed my crying face
walking around at my lowest
at 9am the two of us rode out from the city

holding both hands high
we sang holding up these stars
reach for the heavens, fly high
Oh yeah (oh yeah) one more time

even if we were to go back to that day
we'd probably choose the same path
let's become one, fly high
Oh yeah (oh yeah) getting closer

on the back of the bike,
leaning into your body heat
I won't fight a losing battle against
the silent path we race along at dawn
sparkling, we say it's a morning
just for the two of us

holding both hands high
we sang holding up these stars
reach for the heavens, fly high
Oh yeah (oh yeah) one more time

even if we were to go back to that day
we'd probably choose the same path
let's become one, fly high
Oh yeah (oh yeah) getting closer

woah woah woah (repeat)


again, lyrics and translation credit to: nyanchan

Sou don't stop my love
kimi wo mitsumete mitsumete
hitomi ni ima zutto koishiteiru no sa
sou don't stop my love
boku wa nandomo nandomo
yeah yeah yeah tsuzuku sa
sou itsumademo

hajimari wa omoi mo kakezu ni
boku no me ni utsutta yo
zutto sono egao omowazu mitoreta
unmeiteki na na na na na na
omoi ga hirogaru (na na na na na na) mune ni
dakara mou mayowanai

sou don't stop my love
boku no kokoro ga kokoro e tsutaeru
ima sotto aishiteiru no sa
sou can't stop my love
kimi to boku to no futari de
yeah yeah yeah ikeru sa
sou dokomademo

kono toki wa tokubetsu na deai
sonna ki ga shiteiru yo
kitto kimi no koe mune ni afureta
tsutaetai kyuu ni na na na na na na
hikari ga michitteiru (na na na na na na)
kimi wo koko de dakishimetai

(rap)hayari omoi kotoba ni koto naku
boku ni katsuyou na koto narunaku
todokasu kimi no moto to todokasu
clap your hands two times

nanika ni sashiteiru wake ja nai
kakegae ga nai kimochi ni kattenai
ame oshiete you ga you ga you
owari naku kimi da yo it's you it's you it's you

(promise to you) eien ja nakutemo
kanjiru koto dekiru sa
(I love you so) kantan na koto da yo
ai ga sosogu riyuu wa iranai
dakara sou todoketai

Sou don't stop my love
kimi wo mitsumete mitsumete
hitomi ni wa zutto koishiteiru no sa
sou don't stop my love
boku wa nandomo nandomo
yeah yeah yeah tsuzuku sa

sou don't stop my love
boku no kokoro ga kokoro e tsutaeru
ima sotto aishiteiru no sa
sou can't stop my love
kimi to boku to no futari de
yeah yeah yeah ikeru sa
sou kimi to nara


that's right, don't stop my love
I gaze at you, gaze at you
I'm always loving you with my eyes
that's right don't stop my love
because over and over again
yeah yeah yeah, I'll keep on going
that's right, forever

the beginning was reflected in
my eyes, without even a thought
I was always unintentionally fascinated by your smile
fateful na na na na na na
my feelings expand (na na na na na na) in my heart
so I won't hesitate anymore

that's right, don't stop my love
my heart is reaching out to your heart
right now I'm softly loving you
that's right, can't stop my love
the two of us, you and I
yeah yeah yeah, we can make it
that's right, wherever

this time it's a special encounter
that's the feeling that I get
surely your your voice flooded my heart
I suddenly want to express this na na na na na na
the light is getting brighter (na na na na na na)
I want to embrace you here

(rap) without putting it into popular terms
without it being practical to me
it reaches you, it reaches where you are
clap your hands two times

it's not like I'm trying to pin down something
there's no replacement, I can't fight these feelings
my soul tells me it's you it's you it's you
it goes on without end it's you it's you it's you it's you

(promise to you) even if it's not forever
I can feel it you see
(I love you too) it's a simple thing
love doesn't need a reason to flow
that's why I want this to reach you

that's right, don't stop my love
I gaze at you, gaze at you
I'm always loving you with my eyes
that's right don't stop my love
because over and over again
yeah yeah yeah, I'll keep on going

that's right, don't stop my love
my heart is reaching out to your heart
right now I'm softly loving you
that's right, can't stop my love
the two of us, you and I
yeah yeah yeah, we can make it
that's right, if it's you

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compare this pic to the next one! this is from the news zero! ohh my.. Sho did lost weight check out his cheek bones!! waaa!! what happened?? and he also got tan...






RUMORS RUMORS!!! arrggg!!! i hate this!! what do you think is this true???

basically an article about this suzuki girl who is always caught dating johhny boys. she's got good taste XD
and this time, jun was used to illustrate as an example. <---good choice
seemed like they were caught boldly drinking in a cafe at 1am in shibuya. and according to the witness, they were seated casually in a 'familiar' way - arms and legs casually placed etc... so he suspected them to be dating.
and seemed like it was through nanachan from bokuimo that susuki was introduced to jun.

what do you think of this rumor??? is it true? i also dunno!! WTH! Matsumoto Jun?.. ariyanaitsuno!!!! im just hoping its not true!! I hope whether or not she's a whore, he's wearing condoms at all times. But she finally got around to Jun, ne? ^_^ But I don't really know about this girl,

original post on my VOX


--- It is said that the other members often say, in jest, that Ohno-san has no fighting spirit in him. In what situations have you seen him show enthusiasm in what he does?

M: well… I have been with him for 8 years, but I have not seen any instances where he is enthusiastic.

--- are you serious? (laughs)

A: (laughs) I saw him show enthusiasm the day before yesterday.
S: What? What? Why?
N: In zero gravity?
A: Um. We were doing some experiments in zero gravity for a program (laughs) and during that time he was in a considerably happy and lively mood.
M: Did he enjoy it?
A: Due to the restrictions on the plane, we could only achieve zero gravity 7 times. But he was like a primary school kid going ‘Let’s do more! Let’s do more!’ (laughs)
S: he likes that ne.
N: Things that he likes, he will keep on doing it.
A: The monkey! The monkey, right! But recently, he has become forward looking
(refering to that monkey pic that Captain has been working on.)

--- Under what circumstances do you feel that he has become forward looking?

S: In the beginning he was pretty negative about things. (laughs)
N: Yes, previously, he would just give up after just doing something once. In whatever he did.

--- When u say ‘in the beginning’ are you referring to the time when you debuted?

S: yes.
A: It was rare. To see someone so unenthusiastic at the beginning, when he debuted.
N: Well, isn’t it because he is no longer in denial, so he has become forward-looking?

---- But everybody loves Ohno-kun right?

A: Yes, we all love him

---- Which is the part of him that you love?

N: I like the fact that he was no fighting spirit
S: hahahaha
A: (laughs) Therefore, this is something that he must have, right!
N: in his case, right?
S: He has a new-age idol image. Normally, aAn idol has to be busy right? (Sho used the word ‘Shakariki’). In any case, the origin of that phrase ‘Shakariki Columbus’ came from a Hikaru Genji song, and they are idols too.
N: That’s right. Its better that we go Yay!! Yay!!
S: The fact that he is not busy , iwell, it shows he is ahead of the pack. (laughs)
M: And with his slow pace, despite the fact that he is the leader, we totally do not feel that there is any separation between us. (laughs)
N: The person who displays leadership skills might not necessarily be the leader.
A: Yes that is right
M: Well, the point here is that the person who does not show any leadership skills is the Leader of our group.
S: He is the new-age leader ne.
N: That is a novel idea right
A: Somehow its light and fluffy.
S: Zero Gravity right?
A: Yes, everything is zero gravity. That is the good thing, probably.

last one, Shochan.


---- Next, It is Aiba san’s turn.
A: Yes.

----- Pick a card with a question about Aibachan.


------ Is there anything you think is questionable about Aibachan? If there is, please tell.

M: what is questionable about him...hmmm...why doesn't he live in Tokyo? (laughs)
S: hahahaha
O: although he is a son of a chef of chinese cuisine, why can’t he cook a single chinese style dish?!
N: (laughs) that is for sure. That’s a fact. He can’t cook anything.
O: If he can make at least one dish, it still isn’t that bad (laughs)
S: For common dishes like gyoza, he will say, [Ah I have seen my Dad do it.. so somehow I will manage], but when it comes out, it is strange… (laughs)

---- In the questionaire for H magazine, there was this comment that ‘Aiba-san has become able to voice out his ideas and opinions, more openly than when the time he debuted.’ Did you feel that this was a recently development?

N: Is it maybe because he has finally remembered his Japanese? (laughs)
S: Ahahaha… he has learned to speak it….(laughs)
M: Well, to a certain extent, he has tried his best to listen to what others are saying (laughs)
N: However, when does he voice his opinions? I don’t recall any occasions when that happened…
O: He voices out his opinions a lot during the meeting for the PV….
S: He only keeps on saying ‘I want to go to the onsen!!!’ (laughs)
N: He only says ‘ I want to go for location shoots!!’ Because he likes to go on location shoots. (laughs)
M: (laughs) He is really lively when he is on location shoots.
S: He will be the first to get off the location bus, and then stand around waiting for us, drinking his coffee or whatever drink.
M: Yes yes yes yes.. (laughs)
S: He really wants to get there quickly (laughs)
N: hahahahaha………. Previously, he used to go quite a bit. When he was a small kid, he couldn’t go out on Sunday because his parents were busy in their shop on Sundays.
O: fufufu….

----- So do you think he has a hidden genius streak in him?

M: No. None.

------ hahaha!!! (that was a quick reply)

N: (laughs) He excels in something, but I don’t know what that thing is.
M: What that is, just doesn’t come to mind, does it?
N: (laughs) There is something he excels at. Is it animals? Of course, compared to humans, he gets along better with animals.
M : Ah, he is wild, like them.
N: Yes, that is why he does not want to live in Tokyo.
M: Of course, it is very tiring for him.
N: Yes. Maybe he hates the concrete jungle. (Turns to Aibachan who has returned) right!!??!
A: No, that is not true.


And continuing from CUT......Jun on the centre seat!

N: I have come back~
M: I think I am up next
------- OK next on the line is Matsumoto kun. Here are some questions on cards which have been prepared, pls select one.
A: Ah, so the topic of conversation is based on what is picked/
---------- Yes.
A: hahaha….. it seems enjoyable
----------- Who is picking the cards?
S: (says to ohno) General! Please pick something!
N: General!
O: (picking a card) Yes.
------------------ Ok here is the question: what are Matsumoto’s weak points that only we know about?
N: um… matsumoto-kun’s weak points…. Matsumoto-kun’s weak points….
A: Weak points….
--------------- Nothing?
S: Shall we pick another card/
O: Well ok. This.
--------------- tell us what you admire about Matsumoto san
A: well there are lots of things which we admire about him (laughs)
N: Well everyone admires him right?
A: Yes! We do;
O: Yes
S: Yes
N: For me, I admire him the most when we have meetings about our concerts
------------ is how the structure of the concert arranged centered around Matsumoto san’s directions?
N: Yes, but I don’t understand more than half of what he is saying.
S: hhahahahaha
N: he has great imagination.
O: It’s advanced.
N: In his mind, he is very clear about what the concepts should be.
A: And his knowledge and usage about specific terminology is something to be reckoned with.
N: Yes, it is impressive.
S: So that is what you admire about him?
N: Yes, that very rich imagination that he has.
O: (laughs) And also, he pays great attention to the small details. Towards anything, he pays attention to great detail. Perfection….. is a principle. Yes, the things that we don’t notice, he will notice it.
A: Yes, yes
M: I am back~
-------- Ah, you have returned, that was fast.
M: Yes.

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Yamada Tarou Monogatari ("The Tale of Taro Yamada")
by Ai Morinaga, Asuka Comics, 12 volumes and still running.

Now, here's something different--a wildly over-the-top comedy disguised as shoujo manga. Taro (that's a long "ou," but I prefer to spell it "Taro" rather than "Tarou") Yamada is the star of his elite private high school--a top student who excels at all sports, and whose looks drive all the girls crazy. But his home life is a mystery... is he the heir to a world-class corporation? The son of a bank president? Or just old money?

Actually, Taro's one weakness is that his family lives in abject poverty. His father is a good-for-nothing would-be-artist who hasn't come home in over a year, his mother is a simpleminded airhead who squanders the rent money for their broken-down hovel on worthless objets d'art, and he has six young brothers and sisters. It falls to Taro to earn money, plan the family budget, cook and clean, raise the kids, and still keep up appearances at school.

In addition to the Yamada family (the father reappears intermittently), there's Takuya Mimura, Taro's blasé best friend and classmate, the heir to a house of tea ceremony masters. He usually is more content to watch the action from the sidelines, but occasionally helps them out, such as by offering Taro a job as a maid, or by buying an outrageously expensive antique so Taro's siblings can get hundreds of contest entry forms to win Taro a plane ticket for the school trip. He also ends up engaged to Taro's nine-year-old sister.

Another recurring character is Taro's classmate Takako, desperate to find a rich husband at school so she won't end up like her common, vulgar parents. Initially, she falls for Taro, but much to her dismay, not only is he even poorer than she is, he becomes her mother's apprentice in the art of pushy, obnoxious bargain-hunting. Takako keeps trying to choose money over love, with little success.

A lot of the comedy comes from the lengths the family will go to to find food. Their primary diet seems to be the cookies and chocolates Taro receives from his infatuated female classmates. A family trip to the park to see the cherry blossoms turns ugly as Taro's cute young siblings trap pigeons and seize ornamental carp from the pond. Not even the family dog is safe.

Another source of comedy is his classmates' continuous misunderstanding of Taro's pennypinching techniques. Someone notices that his uniform is a little different from theirs, and he reluctantly admits that it's "hand-sewn." They immediately assume that his is haute couture, while theirs are merely designer brands. In fact, Taro sewed his uniform himself, and the back of every manga cover features Taro frantically sewing the elaborate costume he's wearing on the front.

"Yamada Tarou Monogatari" isn't without its faults. If Taro is set on going to work at some menial job (his dream is to be a clerk at the local grocery store, NikoNiko Mart) after graduation instead of going to college, why didn't he just drop out after junior high? The artwork is uneven--characters who are supposed to be cute just look sort of strange. And Taro's parents are really, really annoying. But I admire Morinaga's continuity (Taro receives a year's supply of pancake mix in one story, and even in the next volume, you can still see the boxes of pancake mix stacked around the house), and "Yamada Tarou Monogatari" has made me laugh harder than any other shoujo manga. It's definitely worth a read.

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The first one up was NINO.

-------Firstly, so that your voices can be differentiated, please introduce yourself.
A: Yes, Ah-Aiba desu.
S: Ah-Ah- Sakurai desu.
N: Ah-Ah- Last Samurai desu.
M: Ah-Ah- Saitou desu
O: Ah-Ah-Raizou (雷蔵) desu!
S,A: hahahahahah
First one – Nino gets called up to go for his shoot.
N: what is this!! I had just sat down! (laughs)
S: See you, Last Samurai
A: Have a good journey
Nino in the spot light

------- OK, I would like to ask this about Nino. What is one word you can use to describe his character?
A: Characteristics? Eh,, well, what is his character
------------- He is now away, please just fire away and say it
S: Well, he is bad (laughs)
M: Yes, the worst.
S: Um… (fufufu)
M: And he likes to be by himself
S: He likes to be by himself but he doesn't like to be alone
M: he likes to be by himself. Reading manga and playing games

-------Ohno-san, what do you think?

O: He goes home straight away. After his work, he goes straight home.
S: But when we are working, he is always with you right?
O: yes, yes, I think he likes me.
S: Maybe… (laughs)
--------- Ohno-san, do you like Ninomiya-san?
O: Well, not really………..(laughs)
S: hahahahaha
M: Not really ne.. (laughs)
---------Previously, Sakurai san mentioned this of Ninomiya san : ' I am bad at trying to figure out what his real intension is'
S: I read a previous interview he did and when there were piercing questions, he has a tendency to avoid them, maybe its that?
O: Um.. I seldom see him show that he is tired outwardly.
---- If he is tired, he doesn:t show it?
O: right, right.
S: ….. aiba san, you are not saying anything
A: well, I am thinking,…
S: you seen to be in thinking about it quite seriously.. (laughs)
A: Yes, I am thinking about various things, like what kind of person he is. Basically, he likes to play a lot. I have not gone drinking with him a lot but I have gone bowling and to the batting centre with him quite a bit.
S: Well, isn’t he keeping you company instead? (laughs)
A: Well, there are sometimes when I accompany him too… he says [ I want to go I want to go] so I have no choice but to go.
S: Ah so its like that. (laughs) But in reality what is it? Both of you like to do it?
A: Yeah, we probably like it. That is, we like to go places where primary and secondary school kids like to go. We will go and play with them too, and play using the sandlot baseball. (草野球)
S:well no matter how I think about, it is not professional baseball ne. (laughs)
------ What was the good thing about Ninomiya san going to Hollywood to film ‘ Letters from Iwojima’?
S: Well, maybe its the fact that we got to learn that arashi is popular in Paris too? (laughs)
A: Well you have been lied to. That he went to Cannes.
M: Fufu…
S: Well to us, nothing has changed. Nino himself has totally not changed.
A: He has not changed.
S: Well having said that, as he appeared in a movie that was nominated for the academy awards and the result of that is Arashi has increased its visibility externally, I think. That is good, plus Nino’s career has taken a step forward too. There are many good things that can be gathered from this right?
A: We also got to see Clint Eastwood’s authograph.
S,M,O; hahahahaha

--- (laughs)He signed on the spot?

S: We didn’t get his autograph….
A: Although we didn’t receive it, we saw it and that was a pretty big deal. (laughs)

credit to: SUMOBODY LJ


Part 1 Solo Interview
Love Scene Members 1/5 Questions
"The Matchmaker is Matsujun!
Date, Wedding, Love Enemy Putting each member in a love situation 
Who would you _______?
Only these questions can be answered by the 5 members who know each other well!

Aiba Masaki's Picks!

Q.1 Who would you ask to help you on your love problems?
Ohno Satoshi
This one is hard. But he is the leader. I might get advices from the older person who had many experiences.

Q.2 Who would you double date with?
Matsumoto Jun
I think he will plan out a lot and put in reservations. I'm not really good at those things and I'm the type of person that goes wherever I like (laugh).

Q. 3 Who would you not want to make your love enemy?
Ninomiya Kazunari
Sorry (laugh). It's not like I don't want Nino to be my rival. We have different tastes.

Q.4 Who would you ask to be your matchmaker for your wedding?
Sakurai Sho
I picked him on his image but doesn't it suit him? Still, I want someone strong-minded to do my wedding.

Q.5 Who do you want to give a name to your child?
Aiba Masaki
I want to name my own child. I'm thinking of it right now I want to combine my wife's name and mine together and think about it.


Sakurai Sho's Picks!

Q.1 Who would you ask to help you on your love problems?
Ohno Satoshi
This person doesn't say negative things so I think he will give me courage. He usually says "its okay, its okay." It's a mere consolation though (laugh).

Q.2 Who would you double date with?
Ninomiya Kazunari
If I went with the rest of the members, they might go on roller coasters. It seems that Nino doesn't like them. I don't really like them either.

Q. 3 Who would you not want to make your love enemy?
Aiba Masaki
Maybe if this happens, he'll be anxious and say "Okay, okay" and he'll probably hand over my love. But that's kind of bad (laugh).

Q.4 Who would you ask to be your matchmaker for your wedding?
Matsumoto Jun
I think Matsujun is probably good at these things. I feel like he can make things go smoothly.

Q.5 Who do you want to give a name to your child?
Sakurai Sho
I don't know what the other members will name. It should be my responsibility to name my own child.

Ninomiya Kazunari's Picks!
Q.1 Who would you ask to help you on your love problems?
Ohno Satoshi
I think he will listen to me and give me advice. Rather, that's the good part (laugh). The people themselves should come up with a solution.

Q.2 Who would you double date with?
Aiba Masaki
If I went on a double date, I want to be with a fun person. Aiba chan is always a fun person I picked him. I think he will be in high spirits.

Q. 3 Who would you not want to make your love enemy?
Sakurai Sho
I think Sho chan. I don't really know why. But everyone's type is different so I think they won't be my love enemy. I am certain he will not be my love enemy (laugh).

Q.4 Who would you ask to be your matchmaker for your wedding?
Matsumoto Jun
I donft really know why I picked him (laugh). I donft really have interest in marriage so I picked him by image. Jun kun is a strong-minded person so isn't that good enough?

Q.5 Who do you want to give a name to your child?
Ninomiya Kazunari
I am often mistaken as "Kazuya". That is why I want to give my child an easy-to-understand name. Jun, Sho, and Satoshi is easy. But I don't think there is a Masaki (laugh).

Ohno Satoshi's Picks!

Q.1 Who would you ask to help you on your love problems?
Sakurai Sho
A partner I think Sho kun. I feel like my ways to love and thoughts are the same as his. I think he will understand my problems.

Q.2 Who would you double date with?
Ninomiya Kazunari
The date course of Nino and mine seem to match. I don't do flashy things and I don't go to amusement parks. I like the kind where we go on walks together.

Q. 3 Who would you not want to make your love enemy?
Matsumoto Jun
This question is hard. I guess I'll choose Matsujun. I feel that he won't be my enemy and he'll probably like someone different than my type.

Q.4 Who would you ask to be your matchmaker for your wedding?
Aiba Masaki
If it's Aiba chan, I feel like my wedding will be fun. I think he will do a unique production. Well, if he can do it fun then that's great.

Q.5 Who do you want to give a name to your child?
Ohno Satoshi
I'll name my own child. I canft ask the other members (laugh). Boy or girl, I'll name my own child.

Matsumoto Jun's Picks!
Q.1 Who would you ask to help you on your love problems?
Sakurai Sho
If it's Sho kun, I think he will listen to my problems. On top of that, I think he will give me advice.

Q.2 Who would you double date with?
Ohno Satoshi
Leader and I have entirely different personalities. If I were to double date, we might go to places where I usually don't go and it sounds fun.

Q. 3 Who would you not want to make your love enemy?
Ninomiya Kazunari
I picked Nino but there is no reason behind it (laugh). Since Nino and I like different types, I don't think we'll become rivals.

Q.4 Who would you ask to be your matchmaker for your wedding?
Aiba Masaki
I think he will make my wedding fun. Wait, but that isn't the job of a matchmaker, right? I might ask someone serious for a matchmaker

Q.5 Who do you want to give a name to your child?
Matsumoto Jun
I will think of this on my own. I won't ask the other members of something this important. The other members might say something ridiculous (bitter laugh).

sho's having a kissing scene w/ nino's sister

this info is soo "whhhaattt?" to all nino's fans pls be ready! ahaha! and also sho's fans!

i just read it... `on the dorama Yamada Taro nino have a younger sister there. They said that the girl is so cute and even nino had a ♥ ♥ ♥ on his eyes!.. wahaha!! kawaii nino! i think that nino fell in love(?) to his "younger sister".

and for sho's fans.. be ready okie? sho's character is having a kissing scene w/ nino's younger sister character on the dorama! *sho? what's that??* having an affair on that lil girl? wahaha!

and now im really getting curious on that dorama! that luck young girl! you so luck if you only knew!!! whahaha!

minna dont worry she's just around 8-10 yrs old according to the info's that i read!.. all thanks to vox.

info credit to: arashi vox

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Wink Up Scans 2007

Wink Up Scans 2007