Monday, June 4, 2007

Aiba's New Hairstyle

yeah!! kita! kita!

ok lets just say that my day today was good no, not just good. it turned out to be great!!! ahaha!!... wanna know why?? i woke up 8:00 am (because of my mom, chuu noise demo in a good way) hehehe 11:30 i turned on the PC, as always, my daily routine YM, ARASHIAN...

whahaha!! all about arashi *hug aiba's pic*

good thing my mama is in good mood now... ahaha!! i was using the PC for the whole day... surfing the net, chit chat w/ my OL friends, posting on arashian and stormy(as usual)

then, my friend texted me that our enrolment for the first sem will start tomorrow. and i was like "arrgg! it had been moved? why? oh well, better sleep early"

5:30 pm i turned the PC on again...just updating what is new on arashi. the good news was there is this site that really made my day!!! *thank you couz*

ahahaha!! minna! i just saw aiba's pic w/ his new perm hair!! and i can say that there is not much change.. nothing to worry about...

it's better than i expected...i'm glad that the hair doesnt look like momo hair perm or domyouji or even worse goldie locks!! ahahaha... *now i can sleep well*

i really hope that he did this for his new Dorama project... and 1 thing is for sure, im gonna watch it no matter what

kare wa mecha kakkoi!! chu kakkoi on his new hair style!!! *dies*

pic credit to: LJ