Sunday, June 17, 2007


this what happens to me when im bored at home and nothing to do. i write stuffs that are nonsense! ahaha! leave some comments if you like!... YOROSHIKU

A-ra-shi! A-ra-shi! For dream! Yosha! Their very first single! I’ve been one of their millions of fan girls for almost a year now. Honestly it had never crossed my mind that I will be an Asian- Japanese – JE- Arashi. This idols that im talking about are composed of 5 talented persons. Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho. Their songs made me want to learn their language. Always listening to their song when ever im feeling blue. Thanks to those uplifting faith songs even though I can understand their language. Just by listening to their voice, hearing the beat of the song, it feels like they are trying to comfort us fan girls in the world that is full of mystery.

As a fan girl I know my limits. I know that too much fandom leads to selfishness. I don’t want to be like that. Because first and foremost I don’t even know the real them when they are off cam. I don’t own them. Actually nobody owns them. They are an idol! And we, as fans are just fans, as easy as that.

I do have my favorite member. His name is Aiba Masaki. For me, Aiba wouldn’t be Aiba if not because of Arashi. Most people call him the “TENSAI BAKA”. But as for me, I can see that Aiba is more then that “name”. He is amazing, wonderful, heart breaking, cute, dazzling, killer-smart (?).. hehehe... a bit baka sometimes! Aiba is like an rare rainbow if rainbows were few. He has this colorful aura that is always with him! Our genki boy! He got these tantalizing eyes that made me wonder that there must something with in him. He is just so amazing that I feel like I can’t resist his charm whenever he smiles. He always believes in his self. That is what I like in him! He is never scared of expressing on what is on his mind. He have this guts that is always with him every where. You GO Aiba! You are one of a kind.