Saturday, June 16, 2007


---- Next, It is Aiba san’s turn.
A: Yes.

----- Pick a card with a question about Aibachan.


------ Is there anything you think is questionable about Aibachan? If there is, please tell.

M: what is questionable about him...hmmm...why doesn't he live in Tokyo? (laughs)
S: hahahaha
O: although he is a son of a chef of chinese cuisine, why can’t he cook a single chinese style dish?!
N: (laughs) that is for sure. That’s a fact. He can’t cook anything.
O: If he can make at least one dish, it still isn’t that bad (laughs)
S: For common dishes like gyoza, he will say, [Ah I have seen my Dad do it.. so somehow I will manage], but when it comes out, it is strange… (laughs)

---- In the questionaire for H magazine, there was this comment that ‘Aiba-san has become able to voice out his ideas and opinions, more openly than when the time he debuted.’ Did you feel that this was a recently development?

N: Is it maybe because he has finally remembered his Japanese? (laughs)
S: Ahahaha… he has learned to speak it….(laughs)
M: Well, to a certain extent, he has tried his best to listen to what others are saying (laughs)
N: However, when does he voice his opinions? I don’t recall any occasions when that happened…
O: He voices out his opinions a lot during the meeting for the PV….
S: He only keeps on saying ‘I want to go to the onsen!!!’ (laughs)
N: He only says ‘ I want to go for location shoots!!’ Because he likes to go on location shoots. (laughs)
M: (laughs) He is really lively when he is on location shoots.
S: He will be the first to get off the location bus, and then stand around waiting for us, drinking his coffee or whatever drink.
M: Yes yes yes yes.. (laughs)
S: He really wants to get there quickly (laughs)
N: hahahahaha………. Previously, he used to go quite a bit. When he was a small kid, he couldn’t go out on Sunday because his parents were busy in their shop on Sundays.
O: fufufu….

----- So do you think he has a hidden genius streak in him?

M: No. None.

------ hahaha!!! (that was a quick reply)

N: (laughs) He excels in something, but I don’t know what that thing is.
M: What that is, just doesn’t come to mind, does it?
N: (laughs) There is something he excels at. Is it animals? Of course, compared to humans, he gets along better with animals.
M : Ah, he is wild, like them.
N: Yes, that is why he does not want to live in Tokyo.
M: Of course, it is very tiring for him.
N: Yes. Maybe he hates the concrete jungle. (Turns to Aibachan who has returned) right!!??!
A: No, that is not true.