Tuesday, June 5, 2007

is it Aiba???

The one with the smelliest fart

Number 5!
1) He looks like he has a weak stomach.
2) He looks like he loves to eat a lot of garlic and other strong tasting good cuisines.

Number 4!
1) He looks like he’s always ‘destroying his stomach’ (as in eating habits are bad)
2) He looks like he’s always constipated.

Number 3!
1) He looks like he eats a lot of yam…
2) His face is thick so his fart is smells as well. (To say that someone has a ‘thick face’ “kao ga koi” is to say that the person’s face stands out a lot because of the striking-ness… it’s hard to explain.. ^^;)

Number 2!
1) Even though he has such a cute face, his fart and burps are actually the smelliest.
2) He’s the oldest….

Number 1!
1) He looks like he always eat strange food.
2) He looks like he eats nothing but meat.
3) Rather than smelly, it’s more of a strange smell instead.

A: Eh~~?!
S: Well, this guy did say “Ah! Bad! Kinda let it out” during the Osaka concert rehearsal.
(All laughs)
H: He’s a natural (as in natural stupid).
A: During the rehearsal, in the middle of a song…
H: Why are you talking about it so proudly?! Just leave it at that!
(All laughs)
H: Well is this true among you guys?
(All points to Ohno)
Nino: According to the number of times…
O: I can’t burp.
N: I never get that.
O: I probably burp around 5 times a year or so, all that gas ‘revolves around my butt’ (I can’t think of a better translation, so that’s directly translated. And I also think he was meant to say intestine or something instead…).
H: “Revolves around you butt”?!
H: Well then who doesn’t fart that much?
O: This person doesn’t really..
J: No I don’t really…
H: Eh? What do you do then?
J: To say it frankly, there’s just no sound (when I fart).

The Stingiest

Number 5!
1) His face makes you feel like he’s really strict with his money

Number 4!
1) He doesn’t look like he uses his money at all.
2) His face has that stingy feel to it.

Number 3!
1) He treasures his money and saves it in case of trouble in the future.
2) He looks like he split the bill all the time.

Number 2!
1) His hobby seems to be saving money.
2) He looks like he saves ever yen. (1 yen = ~$0.01 Can/US)

Number 1!
1) After a roke (filing outside rather than studio), he packs the left over bentos and takes it home.
2) He looks like he search for changes in vending machines.
3) He looks like he research about cheap food.

O: the high school students nowadays are very mean…
H: That’s mean? Then in reality, who is it?
S: I heard from others that he (points at Nino) will only go out with dinner if someone is paying for him.
J: I’ve heard from Katsumura-san (an actor), he’s a good friend of Nino. I’ve seen him a few times during some dinner gatherings. He said that, “That guy (Nino) will always make you pay for his meal. First of all, he never takes out his wallet. And he makes you pay for his taxi ride as well.”
H: (laughs) Are you a hostess?!
N: I am completely stingy.
(All laughs)
N: I’ll definitely have the senpais treat me.
H: Then what about the kouhais?
N: That’s why I don’t meet with them.
H: (laughs) Go meet them!! You punk! (Omae!)
S: In the video, someone said that his hobby is saving money right? Back then his hobby was saving money.
N: Ya, I always go to the bank and update my bank note. (Most asian banks give you a bank book rather than a statement every month saying how much you have in you account)
H: Taking your bank note to the bank? (Nino nods)
H: Well then who’s the wealthiest among you guys?
S: Our salaries are pretty much the same, but since he doesn’t use much, he’s probably the wealthiest (points at Nino)
H: That’s a very unbeatable smirk (I can’t find a better word for it… ^^;)

credit to: pacilia of LJ