Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New Album---TIME

i just heard that they are having their new album ...
wwaaa!! sugoi! another new album! ahaha!!
how i wish i can buy an original one...

i really wanna try buying it on net! demo, the money!!!

what if i'll be short or something? *mom, i need money to buy an original album of Arashi*..
ahaha! she's gonna kill me! there are a lot of stuffs to be take care first
oh well!
im contented w/ those downloaded songs! as long as i can hear their voice on my mp4 im contented!...

ok! i know so much of my talking... this is the update about their new album


Date release: 11th July

15 songs + Aozora Pedaru, Love so sweet, We can make it, Oh Yeah

Song for me(Ohno’s solo)

Friendship(Aiba’s solo)

Niji(Nino’s solo)

Can't Let You Go(Sho’s solo)

Yabai-Yabai-Yabai(Jun’s solo)

all this info credit to vox : Tenjostyle Vox