Saturday, June 16, 2007


--- It is said that the other members often say, in jest, that Ohno-san has no fighting spirit in him. In what situations have you seen him show enthusiasm in what he does?

M: well… I have been with him for 8 years, but I have not seen any instances where he is enthusiastic.

--- are you serious? (laughs)

A: (laughs) I saw him show enthusiasm the day before yesterday.
S: What? What? Why?
N: In zero gravity?
A: Um. We were doing some experiments in zero gravity for a program (laughs) and during that time he was in a considerably happy and lively mood.
M: Did he enjoy it?
A: Due to the restrictions on the plane, we could only achieve zero gravity 7 times. But he was like a primary school kid going ‘Let’s do more! Let’s do more!’ (laughs)
S: he likes that ne.
N: Things that he likes, he will keep on doing it.
A: The monkey! The monkey, right! But recently, he has become forward looking
(refering to that monkey pic that Captain has been working on.)

--- Under what circumstances do you feel that he has become forward looking?

S: In the beginning he was pretty negative about things. (laughs)
N: Yes, previously, he would just give up after just doing something once. In whatever he did.

--- When u say ‘in the beginning’ are you referring to the time when you debuted?

S: yes.
A: It was rare. To see someone so unenthusiastic at the beginning, when he debuted.
N: Well, isn’t it because he is no longer in denial, so he has become forward-looking?

---- But everybody loves Ohno-kun right?

A: Yes, we all love him

---- Which is the part of him that you love?

N: I like the fact that he was no fighting spirit
S: hahahaha
A: (laughs) Therefore, this is something that he must have, right!
N: in his case, right?
S: He has a new-age idol image. Normally, aAn idol has to be busy right? (Sho used the word ‘Shakariki’). In any case, the origin of that phrase ‘Shakariki Columbus’ came from a Hikaru Genji song, and they are idols too.
N: That’s right. Its better that we go Yay!! Yay!!
S: The fact that he is not busy , iwell, it shows he is ahead of the pack. (laughs)
M: And with his slow pace, despite the fact that he is the leader, we totally do not feel that there is any separation between us. (laughs)
N: The person who displays leadership skills might not necessarily be the leader.
A: Yes that is right
M: Well, the point here is that the person who does not show any leadership skills is the Leader of our group.
S: He is the new-age leader ne.
N: That is a novel idea right
A: Somehow its light and fluffy.
S: Zero Gravity right?
A: Yes, everything is zero gravity. That is the good thing, probably.

last one, Shochan.