Saturday, June 30, 2007

Jerry Yan signs w/ JE to become Kimura's junior colleague

gosh! i just read this from JAPINOY... shet... jerry yan on JE and Kimura's junior colleague!!!

QUOTED from Japinoy: ""After F4 loosened their grouping, Jerry Yan set up his own faction, and opened a talent management company. In order to develop his Japanese market, he secretly signed with SMAP's agent Johnny and Associates to act as his new manager, thus becoming Kimura's junior colleague.

Two years ago, after his contract with Fu Long has expired, Jerry has formed his own management company "Star Jerry" to personally handle his advertisement contracts and other projects. However, the venture seemed not very ideal as halfway through, he had already changed to 10 managers. The latest news is that Jerry would copy his "great senior colleague" Takeshi Kaneshiro, and sign a contract with a Japanese management agency. His new management back-up is SMAP's agency Johnny and Associates. To handle Jerry's career is SMAP's manager Miss Fan Dao Sanzhi, the Senior Talent agent in charge of J Dream company, a subsidiary of Johnny Entertainment.

According to reports, when F4 went to Japan last March and guested in SMAP X SMAP, Jerry went missing for 4 hours after finishing their taping. He stayed inside the TV station and secretly met with Fan Dao Sanzhi to talk about collaboration arrangements. When Jerry returned to Taiwan, he vigorously studied Japanese and soon after he flew off again to Japan to photoshoot his new portfolio promo photos. Along the way, he met with Fan Dao Sanzhi again and voth parties finalized their joint cooperation. Johnny and Associates contract artist "Senior" Kimura had always been Jerry's idol. As both of them are well-known handsome guys in both Taiwan and Japan, it can turn him to be Kimura's junior colleague, that really excites Jerry!""