Saturday, June 2, 2007

Fumi de pama no kami

Yo! minna! hasashiburri!! ahehe.. lone time no update ne?.. hehe

3 days w/o net and i was like.... "what the *toot*" aarrrgg!! i need to update my blog! i got to see what is new on arashi!.. waaa.. demo, because of my tenjo(toki doki) oniisan, the net is back!.. waahaha and im back on my daily routine every morning! ehehe...

Ja, i just heard the FUMI!!! yes! fumi is having a current hair style just like MOMO (?).... oh yeah, I remember Aiba had curly hair before i think it was 2002 :?: and it didnt turned out to be kakkoi aiba-chan
I'm just wishing that this time it better be nice looking ...

ahaha aiba-chan w/perm hair! :heehee: male version of goldie locks!!! :ahaha:

I havent seen his pic w/ his current MOMO hair style! wwwaaa!!! i cant imagine it! demo, if have it, i'll post it here *of course credit to those who scan the pic*

I hope that it is only for Dorama purposes.. wwwaaa!!! his hair! i love his hair on WCMI!!!

aiba!! what happened?.. doushitanou?.. nande?.. oh well.. its your hair! ahahaha!!!