Saturday, June 30, 2007


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i downladed this fan cam from winkychan

yay!! arigatou!! thank you for sharing arashi rabu rabu!


Namida no Nagareboshi

sora wo mite goran hoshi ga mieru darou
tada soko de utsukushiku kagayaiteiru dake sa
hoshi ni kiite goran kimi ni kikoeru kai?
tada soko de sasayaka ni matataiteiru dake sa
nagareboshi nagarete kimi no namida wo nugutte onegai
tada koko de odayaka ni hohoendeite hoshii
sora wo mite goran yoru ga akeru darou
ima koko de atarshii hibi ga hajimatte yuku
hi no hikari abiteru kimi no egao wo mamotte agetai
ima koko de utsukushiku kagayaiteiru kimi to
itsumademo te wo toriatte
aruki tsuzukete ikou

Teardrop Shooting Star

Look at the sky, you can see a star
It's just simply there, beautifully shining
Listen to the stars, can you hear them?
They're just simply there, softly twinkling
I wish upon a shooting star that you will wipe your tears
I just want you to be here, smiling gently
Look at the sky, the day breaks
Right here, right now, a new day is beginning
I want to protect that smile of yours, which is bathed in the sun's light
Right here, right now, I want to
hold hands and keep on walking
with the beautiful, radiant you.