Monday, June 11, 2007


The first one up was NINO.

-------Firstly, so that your voices can be differentiated, please introduce yourself.
A: Yes, Ah-Aiba desu.
S: Ah-Ah- Sakurai desu.
N: Ah-Ah- Last Samurai desu.
M: Ah-Ah- Saitou desu
O: Ah-Ah-Raizou (雷蔵) desu!
S,A: hahahahahah
First one – Nino gets called up to go for his shoot.
N: what is this!! I had just sat down! (laughs)
S: See you, Last Samurai
A: Have a good journey
Nino in the spot light

------- OK, I would like to ask this about Nino. What is one word you can use to describe his character?
A: Characteristics? Eh,, well, what is his character
------------- He is now away, please just fire away and say it
S: Well, he is bad (laughs)
M: Yes, the worst.
S: Um… (fufufu)
M: And he likes to be by himself
S: He likes to be by himself but he doesn't like to be alone
M: he likes to be by himself. Reading manga and playing games

-------Ohno-san, what do you think?

O: He goes home straight away. After his work, he goes straight home.
S: But when we are working, he is always with you right?
O: yes, yes, I think he likes me.
S: Maybe… (laughs)
--------- Ohno-san, do you like Ninomiya-san?
O: Well, not really………..(laughs)
S: hahahahaha
M: Not really ne.. (laughs)
---------Previously, Sakurai san mentioned this of Ninomiya san : ' I am bad at trying to figure out what his real intension is'
S: I read a previous interview he did and when there were piercing questions, he has a tendency to avoid them, maybe its that?
O: Um.. I seldom see him show that he is tired outwardly.
---- If he is tired, he doesn:t show it?
O: right, right.
S: ….. aiba san, you are not saying anything
A: well, I am thinking,…
S: you seen to be in thinking about it quite seriously.. (laughs)
A: Yes, I am thinking about various things, like what kind of person he is. Basically, he likes to play a lot. I have not gone drinking with him a lot but I have gone bowling and to the batting centre with him quite a bit.
S: Well, isn’t he keeping you company instead? (laughs)
A: Well, there are sometimes when I accompany him too… he says [ I want to go I want to go] so I have no choice but to go.
S: Ah so its like that. (laughs) But in reality what is it? Both of you like to do it?
A: Yeah, we probably like it. That is, we like to go places where primary and secondary school kids like to go. We will go and play with them too, and play using the sandlot baseball. (草野球)
S:well no matter how I think about, it is not professional baseball ne. (laughs)
------ What was the good thing about Ninomiya san going to Hollywood to film ‘ Letters from Iwojima’?
S: Well, maybe its the fact that we got to learn that arashi is popular in Paris too? (laughs)
A: Well you have been lied to. That he went to Cannes.
M: Fufu…
S: Well to us, nothing has changed. Nino himself has totally not changed.
A: He has not changed.
S: Well having said that, as he appeared in a movie that was nominated for the academy awards and the result of that is Arashi has increased its visibility externally, I think. That is good, plus Nino’s career has taken a step forward too. There are many good things that can be gathered from this right?
A: We also got to see Clint Eastwood’s authograph.
S,M,O; hahahahaha

--- (laughs)He signed on the spot?

S: We didn’t get his autograph….
A: Although we didn’t receive it, we saw it and that was a pretty big deal. (laughs)

credit to: SUMOBODY LJ