Saturday, June 16, 2007


RUMORS RUMORS!!! arrggg!!! i hate this!! what do you think is this true???

basically an article about this suzuki girl who is always caught dating johhny boys. she's got good taste XD
and this time, jun was used to illustrate as an example. <---good choice
seemed like they were caught boldly drinking in a cafe at 1am in shibuya. and according to the witness, they were seated casually in a 'familiar' way - arms and legs casually placed etc... so he suspected them to be dating.
and seemed like it was through nanachan from bokuimo that susuki was introduced to jun.

what do you think of this rumor??? is it true? i also dunno!! WTH! Matsumoto Jun?.. ariyanaitsuno!!!! im just hoping its not true!! I hope whether or not she's a whore, he's wearing condoms at all times. But she finally got around to Jun, ne? ^_^ But I don't really know about this girl,

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