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WIFE preferences

credits:, Tiramisuu

Popolo Feb 07 - Matsumoto Jun
"I want to marry someone who has strong immunity due to good health!"
The Matsumoto with the slightly dangerously sexy atmosphere floating about him. Although he is youngest among
Arashi, he talked about his super private ideals for a marriage partner.

- I want to keenly sense the conditions surrounding me.
For me an essential thing is "it feels good to be with you". Since that's something I judge with my own senses,
it's not something I can tangibly define. However, at any rate, if there isn't something that tugs at my antenna,
then it's impossible for there to be anything further ne.
"Able to see people's actions" is also extremely important. For example, when eating dinner with a large group,
there are people who don't pay any attention to those around right? Someone who can't seem to take the slightest care for their surroundings, that's definitely impossible for me ne. I dislike the so-called thickheaded people. Things like the changing seasons, a solitary flower blooming in the concrete...the people who can unmissably catch those kind of things are good. And I think people who can express the feelings they're embracing at that moment in various words are fascinating. Although it's also good to express it exactly the way you feel it, being able to express it well with delicate nuances, people who have a beautiful method of that expression are superb. On top of that, a rich vocab ulary is necessary. For the sake of that it's necessary to read books, to know the arts ne.
Although from this way of speaking you would think I like smart, perfect people, it is necessary after all for
people to have 'minus' elements. It's for that reason that I put in the "there are bad parts of your personality"
item. Since the ones who have [This is kind of diffcult huh~] type parts, in terms of people, are the ones who
seem interesting (laughs). Nevertheless, the conditions I have raised this time are super high level, if I do say so myself. If there happens to be someone who fulfills all of them, I would by all means like you to introduce yourself ne (laughs).

"If you were to marry me, there would be these privileges!"
1. Your friends would increase
Because I would introduce you to my friends, inevitably your friends would increase. Because if my friends became my wife's friends then we could all have fun together ne. Rather than go have fun on my own, I'd rather go
2. Your amiability will get better
If your friends increase, then your "opportunities to talk with various people will increase" for sure. Consequently,
without a doubt your personality will become on with good amiability. Surely you would be able to become a person like me, who treasures the time spent with friends (laughs).
3. You'd get better at quarrels
I'm the type where "if you say that, I'll say this". Therefore, if you were to live with me at some point you would
be able to train, you would surely become fairly eloquent. Then we could even have a quarreling contest about once a week? (laughs)
4. You would be able to eat delicious things
After marriage as well, sometimes I'd take you out to eat delicious things. Since I have many friends I believe
I know a few good restaurants. Going to a superb restaurant for our anniversary would be too ne.
5. You might be able to go on a space trip?!
Because, I myself have an interest in going on a trip to space, I think I want to go there someday ne. But the travel expenses are probably extreme huh~. If the two of us went it seems like it would be an enormous expense.... If possible I'd like a sponsor ne (painful laugh).

Dear Stars! 2006
Full of love from Popolo
Challenging himself to be positive
In May, while there were ongoing performances of his play "Night of the Valkyries", Matsumoto-san talked about how much trouble it was for body and mind as well. But when we asked him, "If you were to perform it again?", "I'd definitely want to do it" was his immediate reply. That's the Matsumoto-san who's continuing to constantly challenge himself to be positive. The anticipation is also great for his new drama "Hana yori Dango 2 (returns)"!!

Matusmoto Jun (Matsumoto Jun) born August 30th, 1983, in the Tokyo metro. area. Type A. Starring in the drama
[Hana yori Dango 2 (returns)] (TBS, 9pm Friday nights), starting the 5th of January, 2007.

The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:
1. The feeling of being with you is good.
2. Able to properly see people's actions.
3. Rich expression of sensitivity.
4. Your five senses are sharp.
5. Like cooking.
6. Living with you is good.
7. Can be thrifty.
8. Diligent personality.
9. You like yourself.
10. You have hobbies.
11. You like the arts.
12. You read books.
13. You like kids.
14. Quick-witted.
15. Active.
16. Vibrant curiosity.
17. There are bad parts of your personality.
18. Pretty without make-up.
19. You like spontaneity.
20. Strong immunity due to good health.

Popolo Feb 07 - Aiba chan

"When we get married lets go camping"
There isn’t anything particular when you ask what factors I look for with marriage. I see marriage at the top of the list when it comes to love. I think it would be good if you could do housework. I put cooking and cleaning on my checklist but even so, I don’t expect a high level. Even if you cant do it at the beginning, there are those who improve with practice.
I think it is really important, whether it a girlfriend or wife, that we can have a really fun time together. So, id possible it would be nice if you coud join me in my games. If you could play golf, go camping and come drinking with me then it would definitely appeal to me. It doesn’t matter if you cant drink. As long as you want to come and have a fun time that’s fine. For that reason I said I liked someone who likes a challenge. To me, someone who has ‘good balance over everything’ is really important. I don’t really like people who are like ‘ I can only do this’ or ‘ I only like this’.
I don’t have a great walk and I drag my feet across the floor so my eyes, I think, would naturally look at a girl who had a really nice walk. Also, I don’t like people who have nails that are too long. I think nail art is okbut I don’t think its good if you cant open a can of juice cos of your nails. Also, I have many DVDS of anime at home so I would like someone who would understand them. You wont have to watch them with me but I would like you to not take the piss out of me and just watch over me (laughs).

Advantages if you marry Aiba chan
1. Can go to zoo’s with a free pass
Because I go to many zoos for work, I will take you around the entire world. When I say free pass, I was exaggerating. Im not that famous yet so I will have to secretly bribe them (laughs).
2. I will do BBQ’s for you
When we do BBQ’s at camp, I will make a fire for you. And I will cook and serve all the meat and vegetables for you. But, if you can I would prefer if you put up the tent (laughs).
3. I will play with you LOADS!
I am confident that I can raise any atmosphere. Even if we are alone, I will keep you entertained as if we were with loads of people. It might be quite fun if we went to a bar , just the two of us (laughs).
4. I will buy you gifts
Cos I go to loads of different places for work, I will always bring you something back. For example yummy foods from that place and I will buy you t-shirts that match with the other arashi members (laughs).
5. I will do anything for you
I want to do anything I can for you. I would like to be able to do anything my wife wants. For example, if my wife wants me to wake her up in the morning, I’m not great in the mornings but I will try my best.

The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:
1. Cleaning is your specialty.
2. You can be considerate.
3. You're strong in quarrels.
4. You won't put all your influence on one thing.
5. You can play golf.
6. We have the same values.
7. You have a spirit for challenges.
8. You don't have likes and dislikes for food.
9. You can cook.
10. You don't decorate yourself.
11. Sometimes you decorate yourself. (...uhhh...^^;)
12. The way you walk is pretty,
13. You can drink sake.
14. Your nails are short.
15. You can go camping.
16. You have a lot of friends.
17. You have a good balance no matter what you're involved with.
18. You like anime.
19. You like movie masterpieces.
20. You're tough.

Popolo Feb 07- Ninomiya Kazunari's checklist

1. You are a girl.
2. You're older than 16.
3. You can speak Japanese.
4. You have a job.
5. You won't say things like [Are you working?]
6. You won't complain if I open the house up.
7. You're able to live together in the heart of the city.
8. You won't coerce me into having a multi-generation household.
9. Great generosity.
10. You'll let me play my games.
11. You hate travelling.
12. You have hobbies and special skills.
13. You aren't too shy.
14. You won't grasp my schedule. (Like, memorize or manage it?)
15. You'll understand my laughing points.
16. You don't have too many friends.
17. You don't have dresses.
18. You have 'lucky underwear'.
19. You could fall in love with me.
20. You like me.

Popolo Feb 07 - Ohno Satoshi

"If it was someone like me, I think we could live comfortably."
If I were to marry, I'd want to marry someone who is like me. So when I realized, all of the points for marriage I gave are all things that are like me. (Laugh) If we're going to be living together, it'd definately be easier! First off, if our interests are similar, we can enjoy the same things, and if they make things like I do, they could work with me.
Even if they don't have interest in making things, if they like it or have similar observations about art, then I think they would be able to understand my creations. So, if they have similar interests, then they definately would like surreal art. We would have a free way of thinking, and we'd laugh at the same things, therefore our sense of values would also be similar. You see, all of it is connected.
The things concerning our house don't need to be so prideful. Even though I said "Able to Cook" as one of the points, I mostly think that anything is delicious, so they could cook almost anything. On the other hand, I think someone who's cooking was really fancy gourme would be worse. If it's not someone that can enjoy just cucumber and beer, I don't think I want to drink with them. (Laugh)
"Good Spirited"(1) doesn't mean doing everything really specifically, but just "going with the flow" of that time. Someone who doesn't decide where we'll stay, just where we're going, and can enjoy the trip is best. But in regards to life, they should be able to plan. It would be nice if we could both work towards our future goals and visions together.

*(1)In Japanese "nori ga ii". It's hard to translate into English for me (although I know the meaning... lol) but if you know Japanese there you go.

"If you married me, you would get these priveledges!"
1. We can live comfortably
Some people always want their wife to have makeup on while at the house, but I have no problems with her not wearing it. There's no reason to decorate herself, she could just be how she is and then I think we could feel easygoing.
2. I would treasure our time together
Now I go to my friend's house or go out drinking a lot, but if I married I would not do that so much. For the most part on my days off I would try to be at the house, so there should be lots of time for just the two of us.
3. I will wash things
Ever since I was little I would help my mom do the dishes to make her happy. So I can't clean my room, but I'm proud of washing things. If I married, as long as she cleaned up the dishes, I would wash them.
4. I will also clean the bath
Other than washing things, another chore I can do is cleaning the bathtub. So I would also do this. Even if it's small things, I'd like to help out and make my wife happy.
5. I'll give her handmade presents
On birthdays or anniversaries, I will handmake things full of love. For instance, I would also make the engagement ring and marriage ring. For the person I love, I want to give her a one of a kind, original one.

The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:
1. Our conversations match.
2. Our hobbies match.
3. You can cook.
4. You're kind.
5. You're not fussy about food.
6. Your walking speed is the same as mine.
7. Our values match.
8. You can drink sake.
9. You have some slightly silly parts.
10. You have the same laughing points as me.
11. You can be free in your expression.
12. You won't be concerned with clothing.
13. You can fish.
14. You can judge the fish you've caught.
15. You're not too detailed about money.
16. You like surreal art.
17. You have dreams.
18. You're harmonious.
19. You have feelings of being thankful.
20. You can get along with my parents.

Popolo Feb 07- Sho

"I wouldn’t be able to marry a girl without manners"
I think the main point would have to be someone who has the same values as me. I think it would really depend on this, and I wouldn’t be able to start a family with someone who has different values to me. I mean we would have trouble with finding conversation. I mean it would be awful if you said ‘ This really funny thing happened to me today…’ and the other person didn’t find it at all funny (laughs).
Also I would like someone who gets along with family. Someone who takes care of and gets along with people from current family would probably trasue the family they make with me. Also someone who has no manners is not good. A girl who suddenly spoke to one of my senpais in slang would be……..i need someone who understands that relationship.
Also if I could drink with you it would be nice. Even if you cant drink, someone who has the same energy as me would be fine. Even if you can take your alcohol, its fine. I have confidence that I wont loose (laughs). Also someone who has lots of sociable friends would be a plus. I like someone who is likes by colleagues, but I don’t mind if you have a lot of guy friends too. Because I would trust you…..which is kinda of a lie (laughs)…but I really I don’t mind if you had a lot of guy friends. Because someone who has is probably someone who had appeal as a human. I think it is impotant we can enjoy the same sort of atmosphere. Then we could collaborate with each others friends. If possible it would be nice to listen to ‘Fight Song’ and arouse the atmosphere! (laughs).

Advantages if you marry Sho:

1. I will take you on holiday
at the Sakurai household, every summer we used to go on holiday so when I get married I wanna go on family holidays often. Whether that is within japan or international, if you tell me where you wanna go I will take you there.
2. I will take videos
If we go on holiday, we would have to keep our memories on video right. I will take the video for you. Even on holiday with friends, I an always filming(laughs). If I take the video I will also edit it.
3. I will look good when I eat
I am one of those people who eats a lot. People tell me my reaction to good food is really good. Im sure when I eat my wife's meals I will eat it with a look of happiness.
4. I will do celebrations properly
I will make sure we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries every year. Sometimes on MMA filmings, we meet granddads who haven't ever celebrated their wifes birthday, but I am going to give presents every year.
5. I will try and drive you around as much as possible
When we are on holiday, it would be nice if we could swap driving, which is why I put ‘has a license’ on my checklist. But I will try and drive as much as possible. I will try and pick you up and drive you places as much as possible.

The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:
1. Cooking is your specialty.
2. You can divide up the garbage. (Between burnable and unburnable, recyclable, etc....^^;)
3. We have the same values.
4. You get along well with your family.
5. You know etiquette.
6. You're able to treat feelings of thanks preciously.
7. You have a wide outlook.
8. You can drink sake.
9. You're sociable.
10. You like congeniality.
11. Our harmony matches.
12. You treat work importantly.
13. You have a driver's license.
14. You have points that you won't compromise on.
15. You like music.
16. You like children.
17. Your smile is cute.
18. You're positive.
19. You still use the bathtub even in the summer.
20. You can stop fights.


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