Tuesday, October 2, 2007

onna version

i wanna marry her!!! ahahahaha


the latest ep of ans was another cosplay!!
uuwaaaa! their 3rd cosplay probably

uuwaa!! sho-kun's soo pretty when he'd be a gurl!
look at the pic! isnt she cute?! ekk HIM @__@ *huggy*

if my personal maid would be him..
id rather stay home and stare at him all day! ahahaha


pic credit to: RION


caps credit to: AA NO ARASHI

if u wanna repost it credit back the persons who took the caps!

Monday, October 1, 2007

jun's great isnt he?!

is it true? dunno,, still not sure
just read it on arashi vox.
they're gonna remake akira kurosawa

new movie that jun will be making
other than HYD the movie

subarashii! jun's just great!
ja, if the info was official,
jun must double time

uuwaa!! he must eat lots of foods
for him not to be chu skinny! @_@