Thursday, August 30, 2007

happiness PV-full

happiness PV is out already!




suki ga aiba nande?

wanna see his handwriting?


what about his feet?


him eating sus


my fave show A no ARASHI


-Most people call him the “TENSAI BAKA”.
-He is amazing,
-heart breaking,
-killer-smart (?)..
-a bit baka sometimes!
-rare rainbow if rainbows were few.
-colorful aura
-Our genki boy!
-tantalizing eyes
*made me wonder that there must something with in him*

lover boy sho-kun

lover boy sho-kun
chibi chibi kawaii!!

ahahah so funny cuz the girl is taller than him
but still i find it cute!
sho's cute!

sho-jr sound story

tanjoubi omedetou

yay! happy bday DoS hime!
tnx to you i met arashi
ja, arigatou ne?

On your birthday
Reach for a star...
Go for a beautiful dream.

Pick out some wishes,
no matter how far,
or how hard to reach
they may seem.
Cherish some hopes
that are dear to your heart.

im talking about arashi, family, friends, fans

chibi pix of DoS hime! also celebrating a bday
*just dunno if it's his bday or not*

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

fancam-cant let go

credit to: mindy and shomama

the angle was on the back of sho
hehehe but its ok

go sho shake it! shake that booty! ahaha

fancam-cant let go

Fancam-song for you

for all riida's fans!!! go on drool over him! ahahaha
im with you! shoot!! he's so hot! the best dancer on JE. PERIOD!!!

vid credit to: shomama, mindy

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Credits to mindy and mori1104

if you wanna repost these pls credit back mindy and mori1104







Monday, August 27, 2007

sho beat

a cut from his radio show
SHOW beat
yeah! credit to: TESS



Sunday, August 26, 2007

most wanted lovers

a vid form last month i think
the top 20 most wanted lovers
male and female
minna, mitte. arashi's top 10 on it!!

10- nino
9- jun
*eh? what happened to the 2? ahahah dunno!*

Saturday, August 25, 2007

new WP

my wallpaper is credit to neesan nicee!!

isnt it great? i love it! neesan, gomen i'm using your work

hehehe! i love you work! that's why!

new song

a new song from their happiness single
cut from aiba's recomen




sakumiya were'nt around these time
cchhuu busy at their shooting for YMT
well, the effort was worth it!
YMT is great! (also hanakimi) ahaha
*watch it*

we can make it
(sakumiya-cant be seen here)

venus by tackey and tsubasa(am i correct?)
(featuring arashi*w/o sakumiya* as their back-up dancers)

Thursday, August 23, 2007


is it too late to post it here?

*ccchuuu!! happiness*

all of them so kawaii! so GENKI
these PV reminds of hadashi no mirai

ohmiya are so *rraawww!!*
ahaha! (ecchi??)




credit to: soo-chi

its not that clear ne?
but its ok...

thanks soo-chi!!!

how i wish i could go to their concert ne?
i just wanna feel the pressure inside the arena!

just enlarge it.. its kinda blurry ne? hehehehe



Monday, August 20, 2007

aiba-GAP model

holy cow!!! i just saw aiba's pic modeling GAP

the size is still small ne? i dunno y

credit goes to: kawarashii


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


ymt ep 6-aiba's rumored gf

so this is aiba's rumored gf! uwaa!!! utsukushii desu ne?

she's at nino's stand up (shun's all time crush)
pikanchi double (sakurai's wife)

now? ymt!!! sugoi! sugoi! lucky!

no doubt he and aiba are dating! she's pretty and all!

caps credit to: randomc.animeblogger

Yamada Tarou Monogatari - 06 - Large 06
Yamada Tarou Monogatari - 06 - Large 07
Yamada Tarou Monogatari - 06 - Large 08
Yamada Tarou Monogatari - 06 - Large 12
Yamada Tarou Monogatari - 06 - Large 15
Yamada Tarou Monogatari - 06 - Large 22
Yamada Tarou Monogatari - 06 - Large 31

mma 117

credit goes to: tenshi_angels

pt 1



credit goes to: yuckie-chan of LJ


the boys are not supposed to have GF!
cuz if they'll do, they'll be cheating each other (they'll be heart broken) ahaha
that's the most difficult thing for the guys!
its as if they cant leave w/o girls ne?

what would do if they'd turned out to be gay people! ahaha okashii ne?
baka me! what was i thinking!

i'm so happy i found this

credit goes to:

arashiland blog

sho announced his love affair w/ aiba
jun and riida cant insist to hold each other's hands the whole time
ohno and nino are formally dating each other

(uwaaa!!! riida! such a two timer!) ahahaha

Leader: Just normal. I ate and slept. I was with Nino. We ate the same thing, and we slept together.
Sho: Eh? Together?
Jun: What is your actual relationship? The truth, after these 8 years!
Leader: Well, in that case shall I tell you now? Actually, the 2 of us, we are DATING. We have crossed our line.

hs7 on hey3!

kawaii!!! yamada's the most genki ne? i can see that he's so happy answering the phone!
is he the leader? or they are still discussing who sill be the leader?
oh well, its fine w/ me if he'll be the leader. he got the looks.

they were being asked who's their fave JE-sempai

1st off is YUTO he was stammering at first maybe because of excitement ne? hehehe kawaii!
nakajima: 13 yrs old, Nakajima Yuto and his fave sempai is Taki
(ahahaha he's so cute when he did that pose w/ bright smile on his face)

yamada: 14 yrs old Yamada Ryosuke. kinki kids Domoto Koichi to be exact
(yay! kawaii)

3rd the cutest! YUURI
chinen: 13 yrs old, Chinen Yuuri. Ohno Satoshi!
(riida! its riida! yosha!) he joined JE because of ohno

arioka: 16 yrs old, Arioka Daiki. Smap, Katori Shingo
(ahhh our sempai! diaki has good voice ne?)

last but not the least! the oldest, the tallest! YUYA
takaki: 17 yrs old, Takaki Yuya. its Domoto Koichi (if im not mistaken)
(uwaa!! he's so tall.. 5'8 at the age of 17?!)

nakajima's the most talkative i can say!

nino's rumored GF

past is past

Does a relationship have to be a roller-coaster of emotions?

One of the most thoughtful -- and most inexpensive gifts -- one lover can give to another is a letter/ a song that expresses how one feels about the other.

"It would be easier to start over with someone else."

Some time had passed in the relationship and you've both built up lies.

Some big ones but mostly small ones, mostly unspoken thoughts and feelings.

The intentions behind the lies were to protect yourself and your partner from pain.

It seems it would be considerably easier to just start fresh with a new partner.

One where you could be yourself without fear.

tnx to denise-dinc, jen's arashiland

nino deserves to be happy just like other normal japanese boy..

if ever the rumor is true, i'll be happy for him

he's been dating Nagasawa Masami

since that day i became one of their GAZILLION fangirls,

i always remind myself that:

"to much fandom is selfishness" i love this line! nyhaahah

As a fan girl I know my limits. I know that too much fandom leads to selfishness.

I don’t want to be like that, cuz first and foremost I don’t even know the real them when they are off cam.

I don’t own them. Actually nobody owns them.

They are an idol! And we, as fangirls are just fangirls, as easy as that.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

hey say 7 singles

Left to right: Takaki, Chinen, Nakajima, Yamada, Arioka.

Left to right: Chinen, Yamada, Nakajima, Takaki, Arioka.

hey say 7

hey say 7 new JE juniors!

its great they already has their single ne?


gah, the first time i saw these kawaii juniors, they really reminds me of chibi arashi! nyhaha not that i compare them to arashi ne? their energy, its just so chibi arashi. or maybe arashi is just eating my brain!

chinen is so cute! he's the smallest among the 5
yamada, kim told me that he look like her crush wahaha
nakajima i think he'll be the next jun
takaki he's the oldest, the tallest, and he reminds of jin of kattun
arioka, yeah! from chiba! hehehe. he looks like my classmate

here's the PV of their very 1st single HEY SAY
vid credit to:

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Otousan SHO-KUN

can you image sho being the father of your child?
oh well, me? i cant! ahaha! he's too good to be mine!
"you're just to good to be true, cant take my eyes off of you!"
nyhahaha.. this child is soo lucky!

ok fine enough of my babbling! here's the vid of sho being w/ akachan!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hana Kimi

gawd i love hana kimi!!!! toma is <33 he's soo funny!!

shun!! as always!! kakkoii!

maki!! yosha! she's pretty ne? lucky lucky girl!

rate ep 6


gawd!!! sano embraced mizuki
demo, nakatsu saw them!

ne minne kitte kudasai! ahaha kawaii song from ai otsuka~PEACH

ANS 44

MMA116 aibaXjun

KISS ♥~♥~♥

Jun and Nino HUG

Nino and Ohno HUG

Jun and Ohno on concert kiss

Sho's beautiful game

Ohno's worst date

Nino's rape scene???

HYD kiss

Kimi wa Petto kiss

Pikanchi-Aiba's kiss

CM-Corn-AIBA & SHOversion

sho? daijoubu? lucky penguins!

aiba's pose on the last part. ahaha sugoi! mcdo!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sho on channel rock

watch it and leave some comments ok? ok! heheh

this vid is credit to sammyli of LJ

HAPPINESS full version

i just downloaded it! yey! this new single is out on the market already.

Happiness [Limited edition]
CD single
1143 円
"Yamada Tarou monogatari drama song"
1. Happiness
2. Still
3. Snow Flake (bonus track)

Happiness [Regular edition]

CD single
1000 円
"Yamada Tarou monogatari drama song"
1. Happiness
2. Still
3. Happiness (karaoke version)
4. Still (karaoke version)

Kiiroi Namida [Limited edition]
7800 円
-special comic drawn by Muraoka (Nino)
-Arashi special Game 1960's Kiiroi Namida
- Kiiroi Namida Illustration Sticker

Disco 1:
Kiiroi Namida english subtitles (128 mins)
Special features:
-Arashi and Inudou (director) comments
- Tokyo Globe scenes
- Trailers and CM's
- Character relation chart
- Cast and staff profiles

Disco 2:
-Kiiroi Trailes (complete press conference and talk show)
- Interview with Director Inudou
- Making of Kiiroi Namida
- Making of Kiiroi Arashi
- Making off Kiiroi Namida VFX

Kiiroi Namida [Regular edition]
Kiiroi Namida english subtitles (128 mins)
Special features:
- Tokyo Globe scenes
- Arashi's funny moments
- Trailers and CM's
- Character relation chart
- Cast and staff profiles

Source: Rin's vox , CDJapan


the vids are all credit to: adfirmatiosg yay! arigatou ne?

Ping Pong [2007.07.31] Summer Concert

Zoom In [2007.07.31] Summer Concert

Mezamashi [2007.07.31] Summer Concert

Fuji TV [2007.07.31] Summer Concert

Asazubat [2007.07.31] Summer Concert

Asahi Yajiuma [2007.07.31] Summer Concert

2 Jichao [2007.07.31] Summer Concert

CM corn

you might have seen this, their new CM.. hehehe but still i wanna post this.

aiba, he just love eating ne?
use ur thumb jun!
nino, nani ga iimasu ka?
uuwaa!! sugoi riida!
go sho catch it!

aiba and his finger

ahahaha funny title ne? i cant think of any,, oh well,

this vid is about aiba(of course)nyhahaha. he was invited to be the guest of some show(i forgot the name) and he shared his artistic side. he used his finger print to make some kawaii little creatures(?)ahaahaha.. mitte! sugoi,,

honestly, i've done it before, when i was still in grade school. i was shocked when i saw aiba did it! i was like "eeehhhh???!! if I'm not mistaken, i've done that before! i can still remember it because my sensei caught me making that one and didn't listen to his lessons. and i was being punished T_T not a tough punishment.. just, ill have to write on a 1 whole yellow paper "always listen on my teacher every discussions" for uuuhhmm i think 100 times or more(?)"

ps: we dont have the same char but, we used the same technique, i just used my classmate's sign pen.

For all Jun's Fangirls

wanna see how jun's getting more and more kakkoii?

here's some caps of him on their natsu con.

pix here: FYBABE.BLOG

pls dont repost this one