Tuesday, August 14, 2007


the boys are not supposed to have GF!
cuz if they'll do, they'll be cheating each other (they'll be heart broken) ahaha
that's the most difficult thing for the guys!
its as if they cant leave w/o girls ne?

what would do if they'd turned out to be gay people! ahaha okashii ne?
baka me! what was i thinking!

i'm so happy i found this

credit goes to:

arashiland blog

sho announced his love affair w/ aiba
jun and riida cant insist to hold each other's hands the whole time
ohno and nino are formally dating each other

(uwaaa!!! riida! such a two timer!) ahahaha

Leader: Just normal. I ate and slept. I was with Nino. We ate the same thing, and we slept together.
Sho: Eh? Together?
Jun: What is your actual relationship? The truth, after these 8 years!
Leader: Well, in that case shall I tell you now? Actually, the 2 of us, we are DATING. We have crossed our line.