Sunday, August 12, 2007

hey say 7

hey say 7 new JE juniors!

its great they already has their single ne?


gah, the first time i saw these kawaii juniors, they really reminds me of chibi arashi! nyhaha not that i compare them to arashi ne? their energy, its just so chibi arashi. or maybe arashi is just eating my brain!

chinen is so cute! he's the smallest among the 5
yamada, kim told me that he look like her crush wahaha
nakajima i think he'll be the next jun
takaki he's the oldest, the tallest, and he reminds of jin of kattun
arioka, yeah! from chiba! hehehe. he looks like my classmate

here's the PV of their very 1st single HEY SAY
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Mary Louise said...

hi! who are the guys in your background picture??

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