Thursday, August 2, 2007

aiba and his finger

ahahaha funny title ne? i cant think of any,, oh well,

this vid is about aiba(of course)nyhahaha. he was invited to be the guest of some show(i forgot the name) and he shared his artistic side. he used his finger print to make some kawaii little creatures(?)ahaahaha.. mitte! sugoi,,

honestly, i've done it before, when i was still in grade school. i was shocked when i saw aiba did it! i was like "eeehhhh???!! if I'm not mistaken, i've done that before! i can still remember it because my sensei caught me making that one and didn't listen to his lessons. and i was being punished T_T not a tough punishment.. just, ill have to write on a 1 whole yellow paper "always listen on my teacher every discussions" for uuuhhmm i think 100 times or more(?)"

ps: we dont have the same char but, we used the same technique, i just used my classmate's sign pen.