Tuesday, August 14, 2007

hs7 on hey3!

kawaii!!! yamada's the most genki ne? i can see that he's so happy answering the phone!
is he the leader? or they are still discussing who sill be the leader?
oh well, its fine w/ me if he'll be the leader. he got the looks.

they were being asked who's their fave JE-sempai

1st off is YUTO he was stammering at first maybe because of excitement ne? hehehe kawaii!
nakajima: 13 yrs old, Nakajima Yuto and his fave sempai is Taki
(ahahaha he's so cute when he did that pose w/ bright smile on his face)

yamada: 14 yrs old Yamada Ryosuke. kinki kids Domoto Koichi to be exact
(yay! kawaii)

3rd the cutest! YUURI
chinen: 13 yrs old, Chinen Yuuri. Ohno Satoshi!
(riida! its riida! yosha!) he joined JE because of ohno

arioka: 16 yrs old, Arioka Daiki. Smap, Katori Shingo
(ahhh our sempai! diaki has good voice ne?)

last but not the least! the oldest, the tallest! YUYA
takaki: 17 yrs old, Takaki Yuya. its Domoto Koichi (if im not mistaken)
(uwaa!! he's so tall.. 5'8 at the age of 17?!)

nakajima's the most talkative i can say!