Friday, December 28, 2007


ashita ne~

me, my mom, and my cousin will be travelling back to our hometown ^_^ so i guess i will have lesser updates while am there

Ja, minna.... akaisuki bidding ja neh for more or less 3 days ^___________^

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i saw it!!! >.<


last magazine oricon style's entry was that, ARASHI will be the cover ne~
they even said that the contents will be upscale *i must check it!!*
at first i was like "kyyaa!! mittai yo!!"
i saw it on oricon *which is already translated in english by JEN!! you know am not good in Jap* that the contents will be :

1) Love So Sweet single hit etc. Consolidation of Arashi in 2007 - in the centre and always shines in the entertainment industry!
2) Arashi in CM Tongari Corn!
3) Behind-the-scene filming reports on HachiClover (Toma and Riko) as well as Nodame in Europe (Tamaki & Juri).
4) Special Interview of Ueno Juri (for Nodame SP Drama).

demo, JUST now!! just now ne
i saw the pics!!! and i have non stop chantting
THANK YOU to simone for scanning it >_<
do you think this one is an early new years' gift?

or maybe a late xmas gift?!! LOLz XDDD
nyahaha i cropped the scans minna ^_^

sources: oricon, jen, simone
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071228 Arashi countdown

for this year's countdown, the host would be our lovable arashi ^________^

kawaii riida ^_^

they interviewed aiba cuz it was his bday ne~
aiba! you're already 25 ^_^
and you're still looking cute like a lil boy

what did aiba said and they bursted into laughing??? XDDD

last Time concert, if you can still remember, Jun did his MJ walk and it's so amazing cuz he's the 1st JE who did *correct me if am wrong*

and for their nxt con, he's planning to do MJ jump?!! LOL XDDD

hope you enjoyed my caps ^_^

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anan JUN mag scan

when i say i'll update this blog
i will ne~


"松本潤 meets girl!
■ 恋愛で勝利をつかむ4つのファッションルール。


QUOTED from kikinini@vox

"Jun Matsumoto meets girl!
■ Four fashion rules that get a victory by love
Jun Matsumoto talks realistically!
"The same air is breathed in without doing anything. I'm just happy enough with that if I'm with someone I love."


So jun again appared on ANAN mag ne~ it's on the fashion page.
And then again, he showed a priceless sumekushii expressions
WITH a female model which is worth it hugging for.
She pretty isnt she?! aawww they really look good to each other.
My question is, is she also a japanese or not?

source: anan mag, kikinini@vox, somya@vox
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aiba's butai had been reviewed on Top Stage....

STAGE MEMORIAL 2007Top Stage 特別編集

『Endless SHOCK』の堂本光一、宝塚『エリザベート』の水夏希、『レ・ミゼラブル』の橋本さとし、『エレンディラ』の中川晃教など、スペシャルインタビューもフィーチャーします。

収 録公演/『少年隊PLAYZONE2007『マリー・アントワネット』『朧の森に棲む鬼』『タイタニック』『コリオレイナス』『ヘドウィグ・アンド・アン グリーインチ』『ひばり』『殺人者』『写楽考』『ハウ・トゥー・サクシード』『藪原検校』『Romeo&Juliet』『ノー・マンズ・ランド』 『滝沢演舞城2007』『ザ・ヒットパレード』『犬顔家の一族の陰謀』『テニスの王子様』『World's Wing 翼Premium2007』『DREAM BOYS』『アデュー・マルセイユ』『キャバレー』『忘れられない人』『ナツひとり』『カリギュラ』『テイクフライト』『恐れを知らぬ川上音二郎一座』『キル』ほか


nothing much on this entry, but i have to post it CUZ AIBA's Butai had been reviewed on Top Stage's special edition, which simply means that aiba really is special ne~ kyaa!! aiba you're amazing!!! XDDD

sources: jen, tokyo news

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proof that nino really went to spain

to see is to believe right? so this is the proof that nino really went to spain and interview the grand Brazillian soccer player Ronaldhino... my last entry

enjoy the vid ^__^

caps: tnx to LadyXs

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Thursday, December 27, 2007


scroll over my page and you can see my playlist at the buttom.
click the pause tab and play THIS song.
it's for you to listen clearly w/o any disturbance ^.^

Sakurai Sho - pen no sasu houko chapter 3

winky~ りんと有り難うね~


WTF WTF!!! i guess this one's an old issue but this is the 1st time i saw the pic!!

うそ!!! まじか?!! えええっ??!!!!
あのひとわ櫻井翔 でおとうさんですか?
まじ??!!! *faints*

あのひと名前わ サクライシュン でしょ~
his name is SAKURAI SHUN

っきゃああ!!! すごいです ね

SIMONE's Words: "And this gentleman's designation is "Counselor, Minister's Secretariat of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications"

source: Simone

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you dont know how much am dying
to learn how to make GIFs like this >.<

kyaa!!! mika, arigatou for making this for me~
you dont know how much am dying to have aiba GiF pic like this
TEACH me how to do this!!!! or else am gonna poke your eyes! LOLz XDD













jen-chan!! thank you so much for this!

Game Nikki is like a diary right?

newei, i read jen's blog and she translated Dec 26, 2007 Nikki

saying that KAZU is IN LOVE with RIIDA!...Zettai ni~ XDDD

nino:-Ohchan is Ikemen-

-In real life or on pictures he is a wonderful guy-

buwahaha what a sweet guy nino is!

and Riida was embarrassed by the way nino is prasing him...
he still continued saying

-Captain!! Please Ikemen MORE yo-

yosha!! the birth of new verb... and the founder is mr Ninomiya Kazunari


what in the world is the meaning of it???
oh well, it was nino who 1st started it so i guess it nice XDDDD

jap fonts credit to Jen...


so our trip was postponed and moved it tomorrow
which simply means i still have time to fangirl more!!!!
nyhaha AIBA!! *back on track* XDD

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

top 5

sugoi arashi!!!

their AAA Photo Book's sales ranking at Oricon Photo Book for 2007

is on top 5!!! wohou!!! partey~

source: jen@vox, oricon


i'd better die than be FAT >_<>_<

curse the foods that my cousin is serving us


a gift from a good friends ^________^