Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This what happened after i missed 3 days of checking my mail ^_^

It had been how many days since i last updated this blog? *hhhhmmmm* can’t remember! LOLz

btw, to all who greeted me happy birthday, arigatou ne~

Belated Merry xmas minna!!! Advance happy New Year...

To have a splendid day, we all must

start and end our day with ARASHI.

My bday was great!! Even though it was my 1st bday with my dad around… he was fixing things around his office and can’t just leave it to his secretary, so being a one and only lovable daughter of him, (char! XDD) I did my best not to be a brat forcing him to come and leave things around his office unattended. I was not used of celebrating my bday w/o fireworks!!! it's so boring and i dont feel so special! nyhaha BAKAkaisuki!!!

So I, (with the confirmation of my mom and my dad), decided that we will be going home at our hometown tomorrow and be back on Jan 2, cuz it'll be the restart of our class next year…so by new year, (which i'll celebrating at my hometown WITH my complete family) i'll be taking pics of those beautiful hanabi ^_______^ yattta!!!!!!!