Saturday, December 22, 2007


ellow minna, this would be my 1st update after 5 days of rest ^______________________^

i watched arashi's LSS on MS perf... tnx tess for the links
i cant help myself but squesl and squeal

i found my phone already.. it was atthe back pocket of my bag >_<;;; nyhaha baka me

you might wonder why my title is like that....

well, for past 3 days somebody's stalking my friendster account ne~
he kept on sending me comments as if we're close
i dont even know him! that's why i set my account private

2nd reason is, i've been stalking Gong Yoo AGAIN!! ALWAYS!!!!!
i cant believe GMA is gonna show CFP this jan 1
at first i was like.. YADA!!! no way!!! curse GMA!
they's gonna dub gong yoo's voice and i dont like it >_<
i was chanting some rants until i saw some of his random pics!!!

omfg!!! he's making me cry!! sarangheyo Gong Yoo