Sunday, December 9, 2007

GRA 071208

NOTICE::: i spent time making them....Pls dont grab my GIFs...if wanna use CREDIT ME BACK... i'll be watching you ^_^

yo minna!! GRA time~
i was trying to find a nice view of aiba and i cant see any!!!!
so, i decided to make caps and gifs of this cute guy ^_^
isnt he cute?!! dont you agree??!!
omg!! all SHO's WIFEY's gonna kill me!!! LOL

this is the reason why i sad BRB my dear bea-chan ^_^

aawww his stare makes my heat melt

shoXnino rabu rabu ^_^

LOL sho-kun!! LOL

what did ohchan said???
my aiba-chan's congratulating someone...i wish that was my hand LMAO


looks like sho's enjoying his food

ekk!! cant you wait?!!