Friday, December 28, 2007

i saw it!!! >.<


last magazine oricon style's entry was that, ARASHI will be the cover ne~
they even said that the contents will be upscale *i must check it!!*
at first i was like "kyyaa!! mittai yo!!"
i saw it on oricon *which is already translated in english by JEN!! you know am not good in Jap* that the contents will be :

1) Love So Sweet single hit etc. Consolidation of Arashi in 2007 - in the centre and always shines in the entertainment industry!
2) Arashi in CM Tongari Corn!
3) Behind-the-scene filming reports on HachiClover (Toma and Riko) as well as Nodame in Europe (Tamaki & Juri).
4) Special Interview of Ueno Juri (for Nodame SP Drama).

demo, JUST now!! just now ne
i saw the pics!!! and i have non stop chantting
THANK YOU to simone for scanning it >_<
do you think this one is an early new years' gift?

or maybe a late xmas gift?!! LOLz XDDD
nyahaha i cropped the scans minna ^_^

sources: oricon, jen, simone
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