Friday, June 8, 2007

nino joined JE --- his bday!

Oh.. I just found out that Nino joined Johnnys on his birthday!!!

Am I just late in finding this out? :D

So does this mean he got his notification that he got in on this day?
Or was it his fist day in practice?.. or his first job as a Junior?

Dates Arashi got in:

  1. Ohno (13 years old) 1994 October 16th
  2. Sho (13 years old) 1995 October 22nd
  3. Jun (12 years old) 1996 May 17
  4. Nino (12 ->13yr old) 1996 June 17th
  5. Aiba (13 years old ) 1996 Aug15

info credit to: Rion's Blog .vox