Monday, June 11, 2007

sho's having a kissing scene w/ nino's sister

this info is soo "whhhaattt?" to all nino's fans pls be ready! ahaha! and also sho's fans!

i just read it... `on the dorama Yamada Taro nino have a younger sister there. They said that the girl is so cute and even nino had a ♥ ♥ ♥ on his eyes!.. wahaha!! kawaii nino! i think that nino fell in love(?) to his "younger sister".

and for sho's fans.. be ready okie? sho's character is having a kissing scene w/ nino's younger sister character on the dorama! *sho? what's that??* having an affair on that lil girl? wahaha!

and now im really getting curious on that dorama! that luck young girl! you so luck if you only knew!!! whahaha!

minna dont worry she's just around 8-10 yrs old according to the info's that i read!.. all thanks to vox.

info credit to: arashi vox