Saturday, June 16, 2007


And continuing from CUT......Jun on the centre seat!

N: I have come back~
M: I think I am up next
------- OK next on the line is Matsumoto kun. Here are some questions on cards which have been prepared, pls select one.
A: Ah, so the topic of conversation is based on what is picked/
---------- Yes.
A: hahaha….. it seems enjoyable
----------- Who is picking the cards?
S: (says to ohno) General! Please pick something!
N: General!
O: (picking a card) Yes.
------------------ Ok here is the question: what are Matsumoto’s weak points that only we know about?
N: um… matsumoto-kun’s weak points…. Matsumoto-kun’s weak points….
A: Weak points….
--------------- Nothing?
S: Shall we pick another card/
O: Well ok. This.
--------------- tell us what you admire about Matsumoto san
A: well there are lots of things which we admire about him (laughs)
N: Well everyone admires him right?
A: Yes! We do;
O: Yes
S: Yes
N: For me, I admire him the most when we have meetings about our concerts
------------ is how the structure of the concert arranged centered around Matsumoto san’s directions?
N: Yes, but I don’t understand more than half of what he is saying.
S: hhahahahaha
N: he has great imagination.
O: It’s advanced.
N: In his mind, he is very clear about what the concepts should be.
A: And his knowledge and usage about specific terminology is something to be reckoned with.
N: Yes, it is impressive.
S: So that is what you admire about him?
N: Yes, that very rich imagination that he has.
O: (laughs) And also, he pays great attention to the small details. Towards anything, he pays attention to great detail. Perfection….. is a principle. Yes, the things that we don’t notice, he will notice it.
A: Yes, yes
M: I am back~
-------- Ah, you have returned, that was fast.
M: Yes.