Sunday, June 17, 2007

double celebration this day

now is nino's bday! nothing much. im planning to celebrate it w/ ny onechan even though she is an arashi fan girl. hehe.. she's cool w/ just hoping that niisan will be going out so i can be "free" celebrating his bday! ahaha.. i think i wanna buy a cake for him.. hehe..

tanjoubi omedetou nino!! mou otto na!!.. hehehe

happy fathers' day dad!! love you! im sorry for being such a childish person at this age! im trying my best to do good at school! hehe.. i missed you dad!! i havent seen you since last christmas break.. but its good to hear your voice every night you're calling us!.. wahaha! take care of your health! and also to mom!.. i love both of you!