Saturday, November 17, 2007

colorful post

our is PC fixed just yesterday

last night was so great. a very good friend of mine celebrated her bday. she invited us to eat outside after our BL class i was soo fun fun fun, she treated us on some buffet restaurant, and we also did videoke.. \(^_^)/ we didnt noticed the time that we've been singing for straight 2 hrs.. LOL.. bonding with a good friends are so great. they are the best. i can be me whenever am with them. they accepted me as what i am, even though am the only one who knows arashi, they are still willing to listen to my arashi-rants(maybe they have no choice.. oh well.. LOL)

so it was so late ne... got home at 1:30 a.m. (i think, not sure i wasn't wearing my wristwatch).. then i slept at 4 am.. i did some reflection paper on my NSTP subject "what is an ignatian leader?" (am not a leader!!! am just a good follower).. the reflection i made was just short.. i was able to reflect on a one whole sheet short bond paper back 2 back.. i wouldnt do it back2back if it wasnt a requirement.. rraaawww!!!

i just find it weird, whenever i sleep late, i wake up early,
just like what happend this morning..
i woke up 6 am
and got to shcool before 8:30

after i did my reflection thingy, i watched some kmovie.. "innocent steps".. i watched that movie for more than 6 times already.. the story was 'a-ok' i liked it ^_^... and guys, believe me or not, the main character(moon geunyoung) is like my friends'(the bday celebrant) long lost sister... they looked like a twins!!! gwd! i envy her!! good thing she's my good friend for almost 2 yrs now >_<