Wednesday, November 21, 2007

it's better to shut up

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im not saying fandom is bad or expressing our feelings are bad. Actually it’s good to do such things. BUT, there are limitations. I just don’t get other people doing aspersion that they are some outlander just to get attention. the question is why are they doing such a thing? arent they contented of what /who they are? i guess it's true, human beings will tend to want more. it's ok to want more, just make sure you're not agonizing other people. I know out there, there are fangirls who can relate on me. Life is full of irony. We tend to judge the person base on their outside appearances, BUT first impressions doesn’t really last. But from the moment you open your big mouth in the public, and you hit the ego of some sensitive persons, *for me* I don’t think it’s impermissible. not all the time you're in favor.

lesson on this post: dont jump into conlcusion w/o even knowing anything...