Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ARASHI'S answers to 50 questions about LOVE

Myojo - March 2007: Key:

O- Satoshi Ohno
S- Sho Sakurai
N- Kazunari Ninomiya
A- Masaki Aiba
J- Jun Matsumoto

1. When was your first love?
O- Fifth year of junior school (about 10 years old)
S- If you mean really falling in love with someone, probably 1st year of high school.
N- When I was born? I can't remember.
A- 7 or 8
J- I think I was in nursery school.

2. What was she like?
O- She was my classmate, a really pretty girl but she left the school. The whole class was friends with her and I may have gone out with her with friends.
S- A girl from Hungary called Gabriella.
N- I can't remember.
A- Bright and fast runner and cute.
J- I had so many girls I liked. (laughs) I had people in the same year and I liked my teachers too. My teacher only used to call me by my first name. I really liked her.

3. When did you first confess your love to someone?
O- 15 or 16.
S- 5th year of junior school. On our class trip in the night we had like a confession night and I just kinda confessed along with the flow of things.
N- I think high school.
A- In high school, the girl was in the same basketball team as me.
J- Probably in nursery.

4. How did you confess?
O- I confessed using a poke bell (pocket bell - its basically a really, really, really old mobile phone. You can only send messages). And the reply was on the poke bell too. Such memories!
S- I was straight and said "I like you."
N- I think it was in a play.
A- In high school, it was me my friend, a girl my friend likes and a girl I liked and we went out together and then split into two and confessed.
J- I think I used to tell my teacher I liked her.

5. Has anyone ever confessed to you?
O- In junior/high school.
S- Yep.
N- I can't remember.
A- Last year of junior school.
J- Of course I have!! Who do you think I am!

6. How did they confess to you?
O- I think I was given chocolates on Valentine's Day which was their confession.
S- 5th year of junior school, I was given chocolates from a girl in the year above.
N- I don't really have any interest in love lives so I don't really remember.
A- I was so happy, I was called out by my friend and he said xxx wants to talk to you and then she confessed to me.
J- Told straight or told on the phone.

7. Tell us about a memorable Valentine's Day you have had.
O- I'm not really into Valentine's Day OH! The year before last my mum gave me a chocolate in the shape of a gorilla I ate it right in front of her.
S- Well the chocolates I got in junior school, were in the shape of footballs and I used to love playing football and was so happy I kept them in my school drawer but before I knew it they had melted.
N- Everyone around me used to get worked up, but I had no interest.
A- In high school, all the girls brought `guilt chocolates' (chocolates you give out to guys who you have to give to... e.g. work colleagues, classmates). But one girl came to my house and gave me one and she was like cause everyone got one but I knew my one was special.
J- I've got less and less as I have got older. Since I graduated I have hardly got any.

8. Have you ever given a present on White Day?
O- No, Never. When is White Day again?? March the ? Before I know it, it has passed... (laugh)
S- My parents usually bought a return gift for me, but I thought I should buy something myself for them (girl mentioned above), so I got her a mug from the football team that I used to support. As if she would want that.
N- Nope... I never gave a return present so the other person would just give up. Rude right?
A- Yep. I was given loads of chocolate so my mum got me chocolates to give to girls who I thought gave me chocolates.
J- Of course I have. I used to go out and buy marshmallows.

9. Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever experienced it?
O- All the time! I look at people and think... Oh, they are nice. I think liking someone at first sight can lead to love.
S- I haven't.
N- Definitely, definitely yes!! I have!! I always see people I like the look of, but it usually ends with just that moment.
A- Yes, I think so. In my case, I have never experienced meeting someone and thinking straight away I like them.
J- I have never experienced love at first sight although I sometimes look at people and think they are cute.

10. When you got a girlfriend would you tell your family and friends?
O- I wouldn't say or do anything.
S- If I was asked I would say, but I wouldn't say it specially.
N- No, I don't.
A- When the relationship was steady.
J- If it was the right timing I would say.

11. If you liked someone would you tell them straight away?
O- YES! Cause I like them. I wouldn't worry over it. I would tell the person I like them straight away. (laughs)
S- No... I would wait until the very last moment to confess.
N- It would depend on the person.
A- I'm not that great at it. I'm really not good when I am alone with someone I like.
J- No, I wouldn't.

12. What is the longest that you have liked someone but the feeling was only one way (i.e. they didn't like him back)?
O- I think about 2 years.
S- I still haven't confessed to Gabriella so about 10 or so years.
N- As if I would remember.
A- I don't know.
J- About two years... Those two years were tough.

13. Have you ever been broken hearted?
O- Yes.
S- Yes.
N- I have.
A- Yes.
J- I have... Yes, I have.

14. What do you do, how do you become when you are broken hearted?
O- Go for a drink and forget about it.
S- Huh? I don't know... I've forgotten.
N- It depends, whether it was one way or two way love. And if we were going out then there would be memories too right?
A- I'd be like, that’s life! Move on.
J- It depends on the time and place. I can't really say.

15. What type of women do you like?
O- Someone who has the same pace as me.
S- I don't really split people into types, as long as our conversations match.
N- I don't have a type.
A- Someone who has the same opinions/morals as me.
J- I don't have.

16. What sort of types don't you like?
O- Fussy, liars.
S- I don't.
N- I don't think I would like to be around someone I don't like stupid people. I don't think I like those sorts of people.
A- Someone who says bad things about someone.
J- I have less than I used to. Although there are people who I just don't get along with. Before, I used to meet people and go in with a negative view and my acceptance of people was very small.

17. What is the maximum age gap for a potential partner?
O- None.
S- I don't think it really matters. When I was in high school I saw people who were one or two years older to be really mature and I really liked them.
N- However old. It doesn't matter to me. I think it is just other people who have a problem with it. I don't.
A- I don't really care.
J- I have never dated someone because of their age so I don't know.

18. What female action do you think is cute?
O- I think it’s cute when they look a little childish ne?
S- Someone who will serve out food, although I am the type of person who shares out food too, but I would want someone who could do it before me and then I would be like, Oo... You got in there before me!?
N- I think everything is cute! People with a cute smile are nice.
A- I think it’s cute when someone is being reserved.
J- When they put their hair behind their ears.

19. What action would put you off someone?
O- I wouldn't like someone who from the start set rules and decisions.
S- I don't really have any but I wouldn't like someone who wouldn't take off their shoes before sitting on a seat etc.
N- I don't have a particular one just because they are a girl. Although just people in general, there are habits I don't like.
A- Someone who is too clingy.
J- Depends on the time and place.

20. What romantic film do you like?
O- Notting Hill.
S- Hachimitsu to Clover.
N- Boku wa imouto wo suki ni naru (he got the title wrong! I'm sure Jun was mad with him lol!) although I haven't seen it yet.
A- LOVE STORY. It's a Korean movie that I went to see with my brother and his girlfriend I was the one crying the most.
J- Recently LOVE ACTUALLY. If it was a manga, then Hana Yori Dango.

21. What's your favourite love song?
S- LALALA LOVE SONG, love song = Naomi Campbell right!
N- A RA SHI by Arashi! It's a love song in many different ways right?
A- LOVE SO SWEET by Arashi
J- TASHIKA NA KOTO by Oda Kazumata.

22. If you were being confessed to, what situation and what words would be good?
O- Someone who said 'I LOVE YOU' just straight, through a poke bell. I wanna remember that feeling. But I've never been confessed to face to face so I would like to know what that is like too.
S- Bridge in Yokohama. I went there the other day and it was so beautiful. Although I don't think I want to go again. I don't really mind where. I would rather it face to face rather than on the phone though.
N- A situation that the other person feels comfortable and as long as it came across to me that the other person liked me. So whatever really.
A- It's nice to be told straight or the long way round.
J- Any. Although I would prefer if it wasn't before work as I would get really nervous and wouldn't be able to work properly.

23. When you get a girlfriend would you want to see her everyday?
O- No, not at all. Although if it was someone who was really similar to me then I would want to be with them all the time. It would be good that, even when we are together, we can relax and chill out.
S- No. I think there is a limit. Also, I'm so busy seeing all my friends.
N- Depends on the person.
A- It would be good if we could have good amounts of space. It's important to have your own time too.
J- I have loads of things I want to do, so no.

24. Would you want to text and call everyday?
O- I don't mind. But if I received a text then I would definitely reply.
S- There is a limit.
N- Depends on the person.
A- If messages came I would reply.
J- No, I wouldn't. If my partner was to send me messages, then I wouldn't not like it but I don't think I would.

25. Promises with friends or promises with girlfriends. Which is more important?
O- Friends.
S- WOW... That's a hard one! You've raised my tension! Umm... I'll play around with my time and try and keep both.
N- Whoever made the promises first.
A- I would keep both. Or take her to my friends.
J- It depends who made the promises first.

26. Love or be loved?
O- Whichever.
S- Both.
N- Whichever.
A- Whichever. The best would be if both our feelings were at a good balance. But it might be better if my feelings to take care of the other person was greater.
J- Whichever.

27. Fawn or be fawned over?
O- Whichever
S- Be fawned over.
N- Whichever.
A- It depends on the time and place.
J- Both.

28. Do you think you are the type who is quite restraining?
O- No
S- No, I don't.
N- I wouldn't.
A- I wouldn't and I wouldn't want my partner to either.
J- I wouldn't be too restraining, but I wouldn't not be restraining.

29. What would you do if you had a fever and were ill on the day of a date?
O- I would say sorry and apologize.
S- Drink medicine.
N- I would cancel.
A- I would rest. If the partner didn't ask then it's obvious they aren't thinking about you.
J- Uhhh I might go... or not. I would try and go and then say sorry and go home. If I couldn't stand up, then I wouldn't go.

30. What would you do if a girl came late to a date?
O- Maybe go home. No, I would wait 30 minutes. Although I would probably wait longer, cause while you are waiting you could just walk around the town.
S- How annoying! Probably go and waste time... Like in a CD shop. I can spend about 2 hours in a CD shop.
N- I would try and wait for as long as it took. If I had my games console I would stay until the batteries ran out.
A- I've never had to wait for someone.
J- I would make them buy me a coffee.

31. What film would you watch on your date?
O- Kiiroi namida!
S- Anything... Although I would prefer not a romantic movie. If I was to go and see one I would go alone.
N- Whatever my partner would want to see.
A- I like action movie, but if I said, 'Let's go see Jackie Chan,' I have a feeling the other person would be like, 'Go on your own!'
J- Right now, Letters from Iwo Jima As I want to see it!

32. What music would you listen to on a drive with your girlfriend?
O- Okinawa music.
S- Love so sweet by Arashi!
N- Whatever my partner wanted to listen to.
A- My radio recommend show.
J- Daite senorita by Yamapi!

33. What meal would you want your girlfriend to make you ?
O- NABE (it's kinda like stew, like meat and veg etc in a big bowl thing like sukiyaki if you know what that is). A really spicy hot one.
S- If they were making for me anything... I think anything would be nice.
N- Whatever my partner would want to make.
A- Something warm.
J- Whatever.

34. What meal would you make your girlfriend?
O- Potato gyoza (watch kodomo no bangohan lol!!!!)
S- Fried aubergines with soy sauce and mayonnaise. (again bangohan! Ep 1)
N- I wouldn't make anything. I don't think making food for someone is a sign of love. I wouldn't want someone to ask me, 'Will you make something.' If they told me what they wanted to eat then I would try my best.
A- Recently I have started to be able to cook from cookery books. Before I was like... How much is a pinch of salt and what color is golden brown. So now I can cook what I want. I am the son from a Chinese restaurant. So please make all requests Chinese food.
J- Pasta. With pepperoni.

35. Would you still go out with your friends who are girls even if you had a girlfriend?
O- Yes
S- I would go! Go! Cause friends are friends.
N- I would go.
A- I would go
J- I think I would.

36. Is it okay for your girlfriend to go out with guy friends?
O- Yep.
S- OK. Cause friends are friends.
N- It's completely okay.
A- Yes, why not.
J- NO, SHE CANT!!! No, I'm joking. Yes, it's okay.

37. What action your girlfriend do would make you happy?
O- Just leave me alone. (Laugh) That would make no sense.
S- Nori tsukkomi (omg this is so hard to's like a term they use in comedy. I can't explain..)
N- As long as it wasn't something bad then whatever.
A- Little kind gestures.
J- If her heart was in it then anything.

38. What wouldn't you like your girlfriend to do?
O- To be restrained and stalking.
S- Nothing.
N- I don't really have anything. I think you would have to like everything of someone to go out with them.
A- Being told, 'I like Bae Yong Jun'?? (you know the Korean star who is really famous in Japan)
J- If I was lenient, then nothing. (And then Aiba-chan came along and sat next to Jun and interviewer asked how about a date with Aiba-chan. And Aiba-chan said, 'We would have so much fun!') No, I would hate that!! Definitely not!

39. What would you do if you started to like someone else who isn't your girlfriend?
O- Break up with the girlfriend and go out with the other person I like.
S- That would be bad... Probably I would have to break up.
N- I wouldn't do anything. That's why I'm not so serious when it comes to love.
A- This is such a bad position. But I don't think it can be helped as we are only human.
J- It would depend then.

40. What would you do if you liked a friend's girlfriend?
O-I wouldn't.
S- Definitely not! Cause it's a friend's girlfriend!
N- I wouldn’t in the first place.
A- I wouldn't tell anyone and forget it. Although I don't think I would in the first place.
J- I wouldn't.

41. What would you do if the person you liked got married?
O- Give up.
S- I would have to give up.
N- I would give up.
A- I would give up.
J- Well, it's free to fall in love with whoever.

42. Do you think that friendship is possible between male and female?
O- Yes.
S- Yes.
N- Yes.
A- Yes.
J- I think yes.

43. Can you be friends with your ex?
O- In my case, yes.
S- Yes.
N- I think so.
A- Yes. After a while.
J- Why not?

44. Do you have any desire to get married soon?
O- No!
S- No.
N- I don't.
A- Not really.
J- Yes, I do.

45. Is there a difference between marriage material and girlfriend material?
O- I think there is a difference. But I won't get married.
S- It would be nice if they were the same.
N- It would depend on the person.
A- I think it's the same. Saying that, imagine by miracle I had an arranged marriage.
J- I have never married, so I don't know.

46. If you were to get married, how old?
O- If I was to get married. Maybe 50. I might want to start something new.
S- When the timing is right.
N- Not really thinking.
A- When I was younger, I thought about 20, but now I think 30.
J- Whenever I feel like it.

47. What situation, word would you propose marriage with?
O- 'Do you want to try marriage?', when I'm around 50. As long as we both understand each other, age isn't an issue.
S- I would want a formal situation. But I don't have a plan.
N- I don't really want to get married yet, so I haven't planned that far in advance.
A- Words I think that could be remembered forever.
J- I don't know until it happens.

48. How many children do you want?
O- If I were to have any, 2. I had an older sister so maybe just a boy.
S- 2 or 3. It's fun to have brothers and sisters that are not close in age.
N- Hmmm... I haven't thought about it.
A- 2 or 3. I can play catch ball if I have boys, and girls would be cute. I personally think 2 is a good number as you can have sibling fights and you can also play together. Right now we are doing a program with kids and I sometimes wonder what my child's face would look like.
J- 2. I think because my family has 2 children.

49. Do ever think about names for your children?
O- No, no, no!
S- Sometimes. I did want the letter �� (Sho) to be in my children's names, but in the children's case I thought it might be a bit of a pain.
N- Of course not!
A- No. When you think about lettering it's too hard.
J- No.

50. What would you do if your daughter got a boyfriend?
O- I'd be so worried and be like.. 'Oh my God!'
S- I think I'd be happy, we could drink together!
N- Well, with the rate I'm going now? I can't even imagine it... in Letters from Iwo Jima, my character was married and my wife was pregnant with my baby and all around me was criticism.
A- I think it would be good. It's better to be popular. When she gets married, I want to make the speech!
J- I would accept it crying.