Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Belated Tanjoubi Omedeto ~ ♥ CHUCHAY!!!

April 09, 2007. It was the day that Trishia Carla Pili or mostly known as CHUCHAY celebrated her 18th birthday!!! *welcome to the group*

We celebrated it at the Japanese Tunnel here on Davao City. The Place was great, they also have swimming pool there. It was me, kat, olga, celine, and mitchie who dared to jump on to the pool.

From its name Japanese Tunnel, there really was a tunnel. Unfortunately we were not able to go and see what was inside the tunnel. *it was 7 pm already*.

It was night that most of the things i've done and places that went through was my first time. It was first time to go there, it was my first time to sleep over w/ my friends on their house. Honestly, for me it was not just a house it's a mansion.

That night we have done alot of great things that surely i can't forget. Being with my friends was just so sugoi! *arrgg!! kimochii!!*

To my good friends *if ever you're reading this* DOMOU ARIGATOU!!!