Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kiiro Namida

The storyline was about these 5 guys (actually 4, Jun has a small part and didn't appear much) and their really binbo (poor) lifestyle. They were so poor that Kei (captain) had to sell his clothes and Shouichi (aiba) had to sell his guitar to get money to buy food. They helped each other along, like friends would, and somehow I think because these 5 guys have been working so closely together for all these years, the tight bond that is seen between real friends was carried across quite convincingly across to the audience.

My thoughts about each of their performances;

Ninokun - He's a struggling manga artist who seemed like the only one out of the four that was making some money. (minus Jun) He lived in a small one room apartment and the other 3 guys crashed in on him cos they didnt have any where to live. His acting was well, convincing enough for a lead actor, (plus one small kissing part thrown in too) and the parts where he had to deliver emotional lines were carried across quite convincingly enough. If he wanted to, Nino chan can act with his eyes....

Aibakun- He's a struggling singer but not a very successful one. we get to see his guitar playing skills and his pachinko skills. He doesn't get money from his singing, so to survive, he goes to the pachinko parlour to win some money. He has a love interest, played by Kashi Yui chan, and we get to see him in a very short love scene.. (Girl throws herself at him) XD I bet all the girls in the theater were going 'Damm lucky girl, gets to throw herself at him and she gets paid for doing it too!!!! '

Ohnokun - Struggling artist. One day he was painting in the park and this girl and her fluffy dog comes by and he is quite smitten with her. So, he paints her. Somehow among all the guys, I think Captain's role is the closest to his real character. You can really see Captain in this role.

Shokun - Struggling writer but never produced anything. Just a lot of talk and no action. I think among all the guys, Sho's character is the furthest from his real self. He had to portray this unkempt, unshaven, good for nothing writer with a Kansai accent. I think he did it quite well and it was nice to see Banbi in a very un-Banbi like role. XD Plus we get to see his naked butt for about..... 5 seconds!!!! It was a smaller deal than he made it out to be, but there were giggles and gasps around the theater when his 'Han Ketsu' (ie naked butt) appeared. It was a nice, round, smooth, white butt. (and much tighter than Oojima miyuki's XD XD XD XD). 5 seconds aint quite enough to admire that butt but then, 5 sec worth of butt is better than no butt at all..... and for a good part of the movie, he was wearing that white (ah pek (old man)) underwear.... XD
Which i believe he mentioned before in some interview that it was very comfortable......

Junkun - Played this guy with a strange accent and strange hairstyle, I was thinking he wore a wig. He didn't appear very much and when he did, for some reason, he was smiling all the time!!! 意味分からない。 and his pants... he wore it quite high!! I mean the waistline, so a bit ah pek looking... XD

The difference between this screening and the normal movie screening was that there was a special part before the show where the 5 of them did some talk. It was quite funny. (For pple on my friends list, please see the private post after this one. )

credit to: AMNOS.net