Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Matsumoto Jun’s first lead role after 6 years! He is to play the lead in the dorama adapted from the popular manga, Bambi~no!!

It was announced on the 28th that Matsumoto Jun, from the popular band Arashi, would be playing the lead on NTV’s Wednesday 10pm dorama slot. It has been 6 years since he has played the lead in a drama. The dorama version of the popular comic by Sekiya Tetsuji, Matsumoto plays a person who comes to Tokyo with an aim to be a first-rate chef. The dorama will have snippets which cover cooking skills and Italian is spoken as well. He said enthusiastically about this new ground that he is breaking into: ”Like the hero of the story, I will be grappling with such issues and through these experiments, I hope to mature more.”

As opposed to the cool Princely image that he is associated with, Matsujun will show a new facet of his image, an image of a passionate, manly young man.

This dorama is based on the story published in a weekly comic magazine, “Weekly Comic Birittsu”. With a backdrop of an Italian restaurant in Tokyo, the story chronicles the trials and tribulations of the hero of the story, Hanshougo, (a student from Fukuoka who goes to Tokyo to become an Italian chef).

Says the producer, “ the story is just not a simple one about food, it is about the relationships between the people that work there.” The theme is about “Work”, “ We would like to bring across the message about the sense of fulfillment you get from doing a hard day’s work.”, he explained. Matsumoto was chosen as the fitted in perfectly with the main character’s image of being a man who takes a sincere interest in his work.”

credit to: AMNOS.net