Sunday, April 29, 2007

We can make it!!

Arashi are doing heavy promotional stuff for this single and have/are appearing on a lot of media outlets - magazines, radio shows, music programmes, tv variety shows, entertainment news, etc. Not forgetting about their Dome Concerts, of course! c16 The music video ought to be aired soon... Maybe tomorrow... a20

The Osaka leg had ended successfully and they would be in the Tokyo Dome this Sunday and Monday. Fans who had been to the concerts reported that they have new costumes and new props to play with as they try to reach all the audience in the massive venue. Due to the size of the Dome, it seemed that they had a problem adjusting the sound systems and whatnot. Well, it was their first time, so it might not be absolutely perfect, they did themselves and their concert staff proud. a29 The staff made commendable effort at the concert trying to get everything in sync, so thank you very much! a26

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