Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Let the -JEcountdown- BEGIN!!! ^_^
sorry for being late XDD
i suggest that minna should watch it ^_^

arashi's the host ne~

1st who's up on the stage was Kinki Kids

nxt who performed was Arashi~HAPPINESS

next was News

next Tokio

next V6

next Tackey and Tsubasa

next Kattun

last but not the least K8

they look so cute arent they? XDD


soshite arashi performed LSS ne~
i cant help myself and took some caps of aiba XDD

I SAW HIS DIMPLE yo~ ^________^

kawaii!!! look at riida

their eyes are talking with the audience ^_^
such a total performer

I think Jun got carried away a lil bit XDDD

watch the vid minna ~ enjoy ^_^

ICHI!!!~ Happy new year minna!!!

wohou!!! bye bye 2007!!

omg!! i just love this GIF, they're so cute!!!
it's a real kiss minna!! look!

lovers of the night XDDD

it had been how many years already ^_________^
still arashi is saikou

What The... gomen JUN's Wifey~
i cant help but laugh on Jun's expressions XDD

To all who havent watched it yet ^_^

to be continued ^_^