Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NOTIFICATION *pls read* ^_^

Hello minna!

i dunno if this would be a big bummer to you demo I've been thinking about this for 2 weeks or more >_<;;;; i was planning to close this blog for quite long time already, but something pushes me not to. but i guess TODAY is the DAY ne~ am sorry but maintaining 3 blogs really is eating my time, the time that i should spent studying, am wasting it here *x-poxting and stuff*..yes! am still a student. a 3rd yr college student who is a dying arashi fan girl*i guess you can relate XDDD*

thank you for the Friendship,
thank your for the updates...
and thank you for linking me back ^_^

minna, thank you much

これね、 あたしの らすとぽつ
this would be my last post here

ねみんな!!! きおつけてね??
everyone!!!! take care ne~

ja neh

ahahaha it should be さよなら

LOL it should be Sayonara ^______________^

btw, before i forget.... if you guys wanna stalk me *if ONLY *

you can find me on eLJay,

my eljay contents are same as here, SOME are viewable by friends only
*those are personal posts, or some of my insights on life*
if you added me, pls post a reply here ^_^
sometimes i don't check my mails for add friends notice

see yah!!!! ^_^

akaisuki signing off
*this time it's a total good bye*


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