Sunday, January 6, 2008


so can i sleep now?
it's 3:39 on my desktops' clock >_<
and am still listening to ai otsuka's songs!!!!
buwahaha i love her songs!
she's next to yui ne~
my two best singers *as of now*

ps: the pics are in gif, so if they're not moving, just click the pics


Anonymous said...

Hi there akaisuki-san!!!!

I am very new to this blog "community" but I first wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL the information and Arashi love that you have been sharing with us! It is greatly appreciated =)

I wanted to ask (I'm not sure if I can ask this here...)if you would be kind enough to point me in the right direction on HOW I can watch the most updated eps of Shukudaikun and GRA PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?!? I used to watch it weekly on yt...but the person who used to do it regularly is no longer doing it...I feel SO LOST now that I haven't seen any episodes since December!

I hope you don't mind my asking...I am just SO frantic right now! =( m(><)m

::: Akaisuki ::: said...

kyaa!!! would you mind introducing yourself to me.. aheheh >_<

am DLing the vids honey~ and am not sure if am allowed to share the vids in public *something like posting it on youtube*

pls bear with me~ i can only share caps and gifs i made