Wednesday, January 2, 2008

try this

ne minna, try listening to this song

to all who watched JE countdown, i know you already watched/listened to this but i got addicted to the Hatsu Uta so i cut the part and convert it to mp3 ^__________^

you might have noticed that the new song was being sang by everyone, and the one voice who stood out really loud and clear singing like a second voice at the back something like

"suteki na..."

"happy happy..."

guess who?!!!!

it's our dear riida minna!!! yokatta!!! sankyu Jen for the confirmation that it really is RIIDA!!!

Everybody Say! Love, Love love mata kotoshi mo yoroshiku!

akemashite omedetou! harikitte ikou!

toshi no hajime no outoki hini iiyume mimashou

Easy Come, Easy Go! maemuite ikou sono isshunno tameni

darekano tameni waraetara sutekisa

Everybody, Say! Love, Love love anata ni omedetou!

akemashite omedetou! nigiyakani ikou!

Everybody, Say! Love, Love love michi wa hiraki asugakuru

Everybody, Smile, Smile, Smile atarashii kaze oikake

tnx simone for the lyrics ^_^