Monday, January 14, 2008

your shirt is telling us "GENTLE".....



i wanna hit your head!!!!

nani kore?..... what's the sugoi announcement? ggggrrr!!! i've been fooled!

NO, not just me...We've been fooled! >_<;;;; the big news was a RELEASE OF THEIR NEW SINGLE???

and as if that's really a big news and you're the very 1st in JE that will be doing it -_-;;;;

gah!! you're making fun of us!!!

it's not new to us kazu, you're brilliant! so brilliant that i really wanna hit you XDDDDDD

ahahaha JA on his radio show, he played the following songs ^_^

1st: Kako

2nd: Nice na Kokoroiki (Jazz solo version) 

3rd: Friendship (solo version)

got the song from kiiroi namida