Saturday, January 12, 2008

ohchan sugoi

he deserves the nickname RIIDA

  • 02.08.2008 release
  • 112 pages
  • 1890 yen

riida's words Translated by Kikinini

the words he uttered touched me...

Satoshi saying ....

"I just want you to simply see my works and hopefully it will transmitted something and trigger you to start something."

" I kept doing it because I loved it. I want you to feel that everyone has a possibility to do anything you want to do. I may hide in a place and will watch everyone's reaction."


Tashiichaan said...

Is that woman his photographer...? *goes on to stalk her no matter who she is* ohohohohohooooo. I'm turning into an ebil rabid fangirl.

::: Akaisuki ::: said...

ahaha that's ok ^_^ as long as you dont hurt yourself and other fan girls ne~ XDDD